Metro driveby victim dies five years after shooting, leaving family in pain and desperate for answers

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- “She fought,” said Jermonica Cann, Janice Cann’s niece, “She fought from the moment she was on the ground, to yesterday.”

Five years after an innocent bystander got caught in the middle of gunfire -- her family said she died after years of struggling. Janice Cann was shot near her home at 39th and Forest on July 4th, 2012. She was 63 at the time.

Cann was walking to her car to leave for her job at an area casino when she was shot in the abdomen by an unknown shooter around 11:00 pm.

“Yesterday they just said, she can`t suffer anymore, and this was it,” Jermonica explained about what doctors told them about her aunt.

Family members say the now 68-year-old woman passed away from her injuries on Wednesday, surrounded by family and friends in the hospital.

“She was shot during Fourth of July, we were having a family gathering, and we were all in the street popping fireworks, she was on her way to work, it was right there, and I was actually right here on the steps,” Jermonica described.

“The gunman was standing at the end of the block, and just started shooting in the crowd. I saw her fall, and I screamed, `Aunt Janice!`, and we went to her aid, and that`s when we realized she was shot.”

“She survived that day, but she`s no longer here, so you know what you did. Come forward,” Jermonica added.

Cann's niece says after all these years -- they still don't have answers. The gunman was never found and charged, something that the family still hopes will happen one day.

“We lost a big part of the family because someone wanted to pick up a gun and start shooting,” Jermonica said.

Family said she fought to her very last breath.

“Ever since that day, it was a struggle,” added Jermonica.

Cann's family said the gun violence in Kansas City has got to stop.

“It might be your mama, it might be your daughter, or your son, stop it,” said Jermonica. “I`m tired, just like the rest of Kansas City, the police department is tired, were all tired, it has to stop.”

They ask that anyone who has any information about that day call the police or TIPS Hotline: (816) 474-TIPS. You can remain anonymous.