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Fort Myers residents fight through days of Florida traffic, find refuge in Bonner Springs

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BONNER SPRINGS, Kan. – Five women are safe and sound in Bonner Springs after driving for four days. The group was evacuating from Ft. Myers, Florida. Two of the women, who are sisters, said they packed up and brought their friends with them to stay at their brother’s house.

“So thankful that this loving family welcomed us in,” said Joanne Collins, who was with the group.

The women said it took them two full days to get out of Florida because the traffic was so bad.

“Life is more important than stuff,” Collins told FOX 4.

The group said they expect to be in the metro for more than week. They said instead of staying glued to the television worried about their homes they plan to play cards and enjoy each other’s company.

“We agreed when the hurricane got four days away from us and it was heading our way we were gone,” said Ruby Kitchen.

The women said they live in a retirement community of mobile homes that is a half mile away from the Gulf of Mexico and they are not sure if the houses will survive the hurricane.

“God will take care of us, and he has so far, he has blessed us,” said Kitchen.