Following summer of turmoil, Kansas City Comets will return to the turf this fall

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- The future of Kansas City Comets Major Arena Soccer League franchise has been up in the air until now. This summer, lawsuits between owners led to losing the franchise license and players being made free agents. But now the club says things are getting back on track and the team will be playing the this fall.

A lot of Kansas City Comets fans are die-hards.

“Season tickets every year. Have been to all the games, and it’s a family to me,” said Dave Gammage, a Comets fan who runs a Facebook page called Comets Nation.

But the family has felt like it’s been on the edge of a nasty divorce. The team’s two sets of owners decided to part ways, then sued each other. This month, the league stepped in and wrote a letter demanding the more than $118,000 in pre-paid season ticket money get returned to the team before players could take the field this year.

“There was a lot of turmoil and then over the summer it was radio silence, and we’re all just like, come on. Are we going to get some news? Get the Comets back, hopefully? So that made me a little nervous,” said Gammage.

While there are still details to be ironed out, the Comets have a new ownership team in place and are committed to playing soccer this year.

“That’s the bottom line. The team is going to play this November. We like to say hot winter nights, and they’re back,” said Jeff Husted, KC Comets director of marketing.

What’s not clear yet is who will and won’t be returning to the field. The Comets are still working to re-sign players who went into free agency and hope to make some big announcements soon. Overall, the team believes the future is bright.

“We’ve got some solid investments, solid leadership, and we’re working with some sports marketing companies to really grow this business and bring some long term stability to the franchise and that goes from the top of the league down,” Husted said.

As work continues behind the scenes and agreements get made, the Comets say fans who have already bought season tickets can plan on still being able to use them.