Street artists from around the world turning the Crossroads into a canvass

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Crossroads District is quickly turning into a hot bed for local and international artists.

“I think that not only the city is growing but the arts in the city is growing,” Mark Allen, a local artist and photographer, said.

Artists from across the world have put their “art print” on buildings, walls, electrical boxes, and other items around the Crossroads. There are murals on 17th and Locust, 20th and Southwest Blvd., and several other spots nearby.

“It’s just really inspirational not only to see the art, how the area has really been changed over the course of these events, but also the response that we’ve gotten from others just passing by in the Crossroads,” Allen said.

Gwen Ervin is no stranger to the street art and finds herself frequently snapping pictures of the murals as they pop up.

“How fabulous and lucky we are to live in this city where projects like this happen.” Ervin said, “It’s always a surprise. There’s something in every picture to make you remember, think about, contemplate, change your day.”

It’s a feeling shared by Valerie Andruss.

“I think the vibrancy. It’s all very well executed and in wonderful colors and it brightens up areas that otherwise would be just old brick,” Andruss said.

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“The tides have really changed. Kansas City is becoming a really cool place to be and I think it’s really coming into status as a world-class city,” Allen said.

You can also find a full map of the street art by clicking on this link.