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Thousands of Boy Scouts descend of Kansas Speedway for Scouting 500

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Boy Scouts came out in droves to spend the weekend at one of the biggest scouting events in the country. This is the second year the Scouting 500 has pitched its tents at Kansas Speedway.

The Scouts and their families spent Friday night and all day today at the speedway. They will spend the night there again Saturday night.

Saturday's activities included a 5K, zip-lining, scuba diving lessons,  fishing and all kinds of STEM activities.

But the highlight for many of the boys was a conversation with the International Space Station as it passed by. Seven scouts were randomly selected to talk with astronauts aboard the space station.

The younger scouts asked the astronauts questions like, how does it feel to float? How do you exercise? What happens when you need medical help? And of course, how do you use the bathroom? The conversation lasted about 8 minutes before the space station moved over the horizon line and lost contact.