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13 things mentally strong parents don’t do

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Have you ever wondered what you can do to raise mentally strong kids? To help point you in the right direction, Forbes recently complied a list of 13 things parents shouldn't do.

Here they are:

1. They Don`t Condone A Victim Mentality
2. They Don`t Parent Out Of Guilt
3. They Don`t Make Their Child The Center Of The Universe
4. They Don`t Allow Fear To Dictate Their Choices
5. They Don`t Give Their Child Power Over Them
6.They Don`t Expect Perfection
7. They Don`t Let Their Child Avoid Responsibility
8. They Don`t Shield Their Child From Pain
9. They Don`t Feel Responsible For Their Child`s Emotions
10. they don't prevent their child from making mistakes.
11. They Don`t Confuse Discipline With Punishment
12. They Don`t Take Shortcuts To Avoid Discomfort
13. They Don`t Lose Sight Of Their Values

In the video player above, Kim Byrnes talks about each one in detail.