Traffic along 291-Highway expected to run smoother near Deerbrook after MoDOT turns on switch for new state-of-the-art traffic lights

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. --  On Tuesday MoDOT will turn on the switch for new state-of-the-art traffic lights at 291-Highway and Deerbrook.

These lights are the latest addition to a $2.8-million project along the 291 corridor.

This is the 13th intersection along 291-Highway with new traffic lights that feature the adaptive traffic synchronization system called in-sync. The synchronized lights have improved driver safety and cut down on traffic delays.

About 27,000 vehicles travel along 291-Highway each day. The first of the lights were installed at 12 intersections in 2009.

The new system has proven to reduce stops up to 95-percent, reduce crashes up to 33-percent, cuts travel times and delays up to 50-percent and reduces fuel consumption up to 30-percent.