Man accused of preying on elderly Prairie Village woman, scamming her out of thousands of dollars

OLATHE, Kan. -- He was a driver the elderly couple trusted, but as it turns out, authorities say that trust was misplaced.

John Tyrone Coleman, 46, is charged with mistreatment of a dependent adult and made his first appearance in Johnson County on Friday. Prosecutors say he deceived an elderly woman out of more than $25,000-- and family members fear there could be more victims.

Coleman appeared in court after the District Attorney's office pressed charges from a case that dates back to 2016. According to court documents, between June 21st and November 1 of 2016, Coleman took the personal property and financial resources of a dependent adult -- a 73-year-old woman named Jean.

Her family asked FOX 4 not to use her last name, fearing retaliation.

The Prairie Village police report shows Coleman took advantage of Jean and her vulnerabilities by using her to purchase a car worth more than $20,000 and to get funds from a cashier’s check -- for $14,000.

Family members say Jean knew Coleman, because he had a handicapped accessible cab and regularly drove her and her late husband.

Details of the scam began to emerge when Jean was hospitalized and disclosed information to hospital staff -- who alerted police.

Family members who are responsible for Jean say they were only aware of what was going on after police were alerted -- and are now concerned there could be more victims.

Coleman’s next court appearance is on October 26th -- next Thursday. He's being held in the Johnson County Jail, his bond is set at $2,500.