Olathe family trying to find Rocky the 25-year-old quarter horse after they say he was stolen

OLATHE, Kan. -- An Olathe family is trying to find its beloved quarter horse after they say it was likely stolen.


Mia Antes last saw Rocky, a 25-year-old Red Roan Quarter Horse Gelding, on Thanksgiving. She was keeping it at her parents' home near 119th Street and Waverly in Olathe.

Although she has contacted police and checked with rescues, animal control and auction yards, he hasn't been found, leading her to believe Rocky was stolen.

"Rocky is essentially a giant dog," Antes said. "He plods around, minding his own business. If i ask him to, he'll -- like a 2-year-old -- take me dead speed, flat-out gallop."

If you can help them find Rocky, call the Johnson County Sheriff's Office.