Independence man convinced ‘con man’ duped him out of money in driveway repair scam

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- A fired-up Chuck Staton says he’s convinced the man he paid to black top his driveway instead ripped him off and left behind a sloppy mess.

”I am a little mad about it because no sense taking advantage of somebody like that. It’s just crazy, and it’s wrong,” Staton said.

The 73-year-old is peeved because he said James Wilson drove by his home on May 24 and first offered to re-do his driveway.

”Well, the guy stopped here and asked me to do it for $280, and I said no, and then he came down to $180.00 to do my driveway,” Staton said.

He said he paid Wilson the $180 for what he thought would be a simple job.

”He gave me a receipt. It’s got a 3-year warranty on it, and his helper even said if I wasn’t satisfied, they’d come back and do it over. But now Wilson won’t return my phone calls, and I keep leaving him messages on his cell phone,” Staton said.

Chuck Staton

Hours after Wilson and his helper covered Staton’s driveway with a so-called “waterproof” tar, Staton said a heavy rainstorm blew through Independence and washed away a lot of the tar that’s also stained his garage doors and splattered on his front steps.

”It’s just a big mess, and cleaning up his mess may now cost me at least $400. Man, I’m on a fixed income, and I cannot afford that,” Staton said.

FOX4's Robert Townsend and Staton both called Wilson’s cell phone Tuesday and left him a message, but neither heard back from him.

”He just wanted my money. I just want him to come out and clean everything up, which I doubt if he does because he’s a con man,” Staton said.

In the meantime, the Better Business Bureau wants to remind consumers to always thoroughly check out a home repair company before you pay them. Also, remember if you think you’ve been scammed, call and report the business to the bureau.

Station now plans to file a complaint against Wilson.

“I ain’t gonna do it no more for nobody! You can’t trust nobody no more, and that’s a sad thing really because most people are good,” he said.