Abby Eden co-anchors the 10 p.m. news with Phil Witt. Abby joined FOX 4 in December of 2010 as a Video journalist. She comes back to the Midwest from Tyler, Texas. She spent nearly three and a half years there enjoying the warm winters and working as an anchor and reporter for the FOX and NBC affiliates. She was also an anchor for the NBC station in Baton Rouge during her time in Texas, as her station was sort of a “news hub” for many other cities.

While working in Texas, Abby got to experience two hurricanes- Gustav and Alex. She traveled hundreds of miles into the storm while everyone else was evacuating. Abby won several awards for her work in the hurricanes and beyond. She was nominated for a regional Emmy for “Best General Assignment Reporter,” she won an EMMA for best feature, a Barbara Jordan Media Award from the Texas Governor’s office for her work on stories regarding people with disabilities, and several other honorable mentions from the EMMA and Texas Associated Press Broadcasters Associations.

Abby is originally from Omaha, Nebraska. She moved from the Cornhusker State to Columbia, Missouri to attend the University of Missouri. Abby graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Radio/Television Journalism, minoring in Spanish. While in school, she studied abroad in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She also worked at KOMU, an NBC affiliate, as an anchor and reporter.

Abby is a dedicated runner, a television buff, a cookie and pizza connoisseur, an avid pageant watcher (former participant), and a mystery/horror book fanatic. When she’s not at work, she’s probably running around (literally), visiting her family, or enjoying one of the many restaurants Kansas City has to offer.

When she’s at work, Abby’s always looking for her next story. If you have one, be it heartwarming, terrifying, exciting, let her know by sending an email to


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    Olathe woman’s push to change drone law a signature away from victory

    OLATHE, Kan. – Victory for an Olathe woman who says her neighbor was harassing her family using a drone. In a FOX 4 follow-up, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is expected to sign a bill into law to add drone usage as a means of harassment, allowing people to get protection orders. LeEtta Felter said it started when her neighbor started flying a drone low over her pool, then right next to the window as her teenage daughter stared in disbelief. Felter says […]

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    KCK firefighters facing scrutiny after audit shows pay for unworked hours

    KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Kansas City, Kan. firefighters faced scrutiny Thursday night after an audit showed taxpayers paid more than a million dollars for hours never worked. It comes down to how firefighters switch shifts, a common practice the department says shouldn’t be an issue. So here’s what is up for debate: Because firefighters work 24 hour shifts regardless of holidays or weekends, sometimes they have to switch a shift with a co-worker for a number of different reasons. It’s common […]

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    Heavy rains stoke concerns about mosquitoes in KC area

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Excess water may end up being a perfect place for mosquitoes to breed, which could end up being harmful to our health. Chances are that you’ve already seen a bunch of mosquitoes as the weather warms up, experts say that’s common. You may have already been bitten, and those mosquito bites are what have people more concerned this year. In years’ past, West Nile virus was a big fear, and it’s still a risk. But experts […]

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    Special calendar provides another year of hope in fight against childhood cancers

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Filling each and every day with hope, it’s the literal goal of Braden’s Hope, an organization raising money to help researchers find a cure for childhood cancers. The way that money is raised is through a special calendar, created by some of Kansas City’s greatest heroes, and we’re not just talking about the athletes. The icebreakers are short for Braden Hofen and Mitch Morse. The two already know they’re a fan of the other; Mitch is a Chiefs’ […]

  • BostonMarathon

    Metro man runs for a cure in Boston Marathon following cancer diagnosis

    STILWELL, Kan. – The Boston Marathon is the best-known and most sought-after marathon for devoted runners throughout the world. One metro man just finished the 26.2 mile challenge, and while he didn’t come in first place for speed, his accomplishment is one that deserves a medal of its own. At the 25th mile marker, Jim Weber looked a lot like most exhausted runners in the final wave of the Boston Marathon. The embrace shared between Jim and his wife, however, […]

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    Son’s stinky sporting goods drive inventive Leawood mom to develop a solution

    LEAWOOD, Kan. — Old, stinky gym shoes: there’s no doubt just the mention brings a distinct smell to your mind. It’s a smell that a Leawood woman wants to eliminate around the world. She says she’s created a product that does just that. The Stink Boss is a medium-sized box that uses ozone and heat to eliminate odor and the bacteria and germs that cause it. Hilary Philgreen said she got the idea after her son’s stinky sporting goods were smelling […]

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    Kansas bus driver dies from heart attack shortly after dropping kids off at school safely

    POMONA, Kan. — A Pomona, Kan., man dedicated years of his life to making sure pre-schoolers got to and from school safely. His widow says he died doing what he loved. While an 81-year-old man having a heart attack isn’t unheard of, what he did in his final moments has Gilbert Stoneking being called a hero. “We met at the Dairy Barn, and he came back to the kitchen and he said, ‘Cindy, would you like to go out on […]

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    Honoring wife lost in JCC shooting, husband committed to doing good

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – It’s been two years since William Corporon, Reat Underwood, and Terri LaManno were shot and killed in cold blood and broad daylight at Jewish-related facilities in Overland Park. Jim LaManno, Terri’s husband, says today, he thinks Terri would be happy with how her loved ones have handled her loss. “Her goal was to make life better,” remembered Jim LaManno. Terri LaManno was a dedicated advocate for kids at Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired- known for […]

  • Forum

    Looking to open a dialogue with community, metro law enforcement agents host teen forum

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Hundreds of teens were surrounded by dozens of Kansas City police officers and F.B.I. agents on Tuesday night. It wasn’t a prom-night mishap, but a friendly conversation over pizza that brought these groups together. “It gives law enforcement an opportunity to meet with the community they serve,” Eric Jackson, Special Agent in Charge of the Kansas City’s F.B.I. Division said. Agent Jackson wanted to put the teen and law enforcement forum together for its second year because […]

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    Fans remember Merle Haggard at Independence show featuring Willie Nelson, Jamey Johnson

    INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – Fans packed the Silverstein Eye Centers Arena Monday night in Independence to see Willie Nelson and Jamey Johnson, but most bought tickets hoping to see Merle Haggard. Haggard announced at the end of March that he planned to cancel all his April tour stops, including the stop in Independence. He’d been battling pneumonia since December. When fans found out Merle canceled, they were disappointed, but when he died, they were shocked and saddened. “It’s a big loss, and we were counting […]

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    Metro sexual assault survivor determined to put attackers behind bars

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Taylor was sleeping in her Independence apartment next to her young daughter when she says something woke her up. “I’m on one side of the bed, and then it’s my daughter laying next to me, and then there’s a man standing next to my bed,” Taylor said. A strange man was in her room, and soon raping her, then she says another man came in and he raped her too. “They pulled me to the side […]

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    Grandfather known as family’s protector shot in front yard of KC home

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A great grandfather was shot and killed as he was saying goodbye to his great grandkids and grandkids. The shooting happened on Monday near the intersection of 32nd and South Benton Avenue Chiquita Wash says her dad was shot in her front yard on Monday, in front of his 4 and 2-year-old grandchildren. Witnesses say someone drove by and just started shooting- leaving bullet holes in the house- and hitting two people, one being Gary Cutchlow. She says she […]