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Abby Eden co-anchors the 10 p.m. news with Phil Witt. Abby joined FOX 4 in December of 2010 as a Video journalist. She comes back to the Midwest from Tyler, Texas. She spent nearly three and a half years there enjoying the warm winters and working as an anchor and reporter for the FOX and NBC affiliates. She was also an anchor for the NBC station in Baton Rouge during her time in Texas, as her station was sort of a "news hub" for many other cities.

While working in Texas, Abby got to experience two hurricanes- Gustav and Alex. She traveled hundreds of miles into the storm while everyone else was evacuating. Abby won several awards for her work in the hurricanes and beyond. She was nominated for a regional Emmy for "Best General Assignment Reporter," she won an EMMA for best feature, a Barbara Jordan Media Award from the Texas Governor's office for her work on stories regarding people with disabilities, and several other honorable mentions from the EMMA and Texas Associated Press Broadcasters Associations.

Abby is originally from Omaha, Nebraska. She moved from the Cornhusker State to Columbia, Missouri to attend the University of Missouri. Abby graduated with a bachelor's degree in Radio/Television Journalism, minoring in Spanish. While in school, she studied abroad in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She also worked at KOMU, an NBC affiliate, as an anchor and reporter.

Abby is a dedicated runner, a television buff, a cookie and pizza connoisseur, an avid pageant watcher (former participant), and a mystery/horror book fanatic. When she's not at work, she's probably running around (literally), visiting her family, or enjoying one of the many restaurants Kansas City has to offer.

When she's at work, Abby's always looking for her next story. If you have one, be it heartwarming, terrifying, exciting, let her know by sending an email to abigail.eden@wdaftv4.com.


Recent Articles
  • ‘The Good Lie’ premiere honors the lost boys and girls of Sudan in Olathe

    OLATHE, Kan. – In the 1980’s Sudan was war-torn.  Families were murdered, children turned into soldiers. Many of those children, if they were lucky, made their way to safety in the United States. Not only in the United States, but right here in Kansas City, a place that became known as a safe-haven for many of the lost boys and girls of Sudan. Monday night, some of those lost boys and girls relived the good and the bad in a […]

  • Citing a need for change, KU students and administrators hold sexual violence forum

    LAWRENCE, Kan. – This summer the University of Kansas joined 75 other colleges and universities named in a federal investigation on how campuses respond to allegations of sexual assault. Since then, KU has received national attention for how it punished one suspect in an on-campus assault. Students say this behavior has been going on too long, and it needs to change. Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little opened a forum on Thursday discussing a hot topic on campus in the last several months- sexual […]

  • School districts review ambulance policies following James McGinnis’ on-field scare

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – An Olathe East football player who collapsed during a game is showing more signs of improvement, including reacting to his favorite music. The family of James McGinnis says he is responding to the Zac Brown Band. In a statement his family says while his reactions were small, they are grateful. James is in the hospital recovering from head injuries he suffered during Olathe East’s game last Friday night. Students at Olathe East High School gathered to […]

  • Olathe hosts ‘Just Like You: Autism’ film premiere at AMC Theater

    OLATHE, Kan. — A big movie premiere took over the AMC Theater in Olathe Monday. The stars of the film showed up dressed to the nines and riding in a limo.  This movie’s premiere was different from anything you’ll see in Hollywood. For one thing, it featured kids only from the Kansas City area.  This was the Just Like You: Autism film premiere. Just Like You Films has created four other films to bring awareness to issues like Down Syndrome, […]

  • Following two fires, Overland Park firefighters spread fire safety tips

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – Within this week two fires have swept through buildings with multiple homes inside in Overland Park. Both were believed to be caused by cigarettes. The first on Monday at the Devereaux Condominiums killed 74-year-old James Stoker. The second fire on Wednesday night at Aspen Lodge apartments left a firefighter injured. Fire investigators aren’t sure if the smoke detectors in the condominium where Stoker died were working, and after looking a little deeper, they noticed several other […]

  • Some express aversion to arming Missouri teachers with guns

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Stephanie Jacobus, the mother of a sophomore at Fort Osage High School, says her heart breaks because of how much school has changed recently for students. “It really kind of froze my heart that they’re doing tornado drills, fire drills, and active shooter drills in the school, so it’s very scary, it’s very concerning,” Jacobus said. She knows active shooter drills are a new necessity, but she doesn’t want guns in the hands of teachers. “There’s […]

  • Domestic abuse victim explains why she stayed and what drove her to leave

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – “I remember calling the police on him because he drug me into a wall,” said Amber. At the time, Amber was in her twenties and was engaged to her abuser. “This sounds crazy because I wound up marrying him,” Amber explained. When she called police, she lied to protect the man who hurt her. “I think I told them that I was just experiencing allergies or something crazy because I had this massive bloody nose and […]

  • Panera asks customers not to bring guns inside stores

    SHAWNEE, Kan. – Leave your firearms behind. That’s the request Panera is making for customers as they enter its bakery-cafes. While some feedback is positive for the move, others say it could be asking for trouble. Rebecca Bieker’s business and passion is educating people on self-protection. As owner of She’s a Pistol, LLC, her priority is making sure gun-owners are well-educated and safe. “The majority of customers we get that choose to carry every day, they’re very trained, and they […]

  • JCCC lockdown sends people in surrounding places into high alert

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – It wasn’t just the Johnson County Community College campus that was on lockdown, but also areas around the campus were on lockdown and high alert as a majority of the space surrounding the campus was also congested with traffic. Chrissy Wiley was surprised to come to Stoll Park, where her child was supposed to have soccer practice, to find the park was locked up. “Just curious to find that it’s closed down,” said Wiley. When she found […]

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    Frustrated for years by mail carrier, KC woman posts video to Facebook and gets results

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Northland woman says she was sick of trying to explain to people what she went through every day with her mailman, so she decided to record it. We’ve seen the videos, people who are supposed to be making special deliveries tossing precious cargo, or even urinating on the driveway. Susan Howard Perry said she saw something similar all the time from her window – with her mailman. Knowing she had an expensive book on its […]

  • Photographer captures still memories against all odds

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Memories captured forever: the most vibrant sunset, the moment a flower fully blooms, the split second she finally smiles at the camera. It’s what one budding photographer from Nebraska yearns to capture in his photos. “You know, I think they’re excellent, but I’m real biased, there’s no question about that,” said Craig Madson, Chad’s father. Chad has cerebral palsy. Craig sells his son’s photos to strangers, many who may never suspect who snapped those perfect moments. […]

  • Dealer lauds passage of bill allowing motorcycle sales on Sundays

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – As of Thursday, a new law in Missouri will allow motorcycles, ATVs and other motorized vehicles to be sold on Sunday. It’s the first time in decades it’s been allowed, and one local dealer says it was worth the hard work to get the bill made into law. For Rick Worth, the law prohibiting motorcycle sales on Sundays in the state of Missouri was costing him money. “Today it’s a seven day a week business in […]