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    Melania Trump channels Jackie Kennedy in Ralph Lauren outfit

    WASHINGTON, DC – Melania Trump stepped out in a powder blue Ralph Lauren outfit that harkened back to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ iconic style. She also wore matching shoes and gloves. Her look drew comparisons to the powder blue outfit Jackie Kennedy wore to her husband’s inauguration in 1961. Ralph Lauren also did many of former first lady Hillary Clinton’s suits. The brand declined to comment on how the Ralph Lauren Collection came together, whether they offered the powder blue skirt […]

  • on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2017 in Washington, DC. In today's inauguration ceremony Donald J. Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States.

    Donald Trump becomes 45th President of the United States

    WASHINGTON — Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States Friday during a time-honored inauguration ceremony that encapsulated the peaceful transfer of power that is a hallmark of American democracy. On a raised platform on the flag-draped West Front of the Capitol, Trump placed his left hand on one Bible that dates from his childhood and another that belonged to Abraham Lincoln and raised his right hand in the air as he promised to preserve, protect and defend […]

  • President-elect Donald Trump's transition team is engaged in active discussions with the US Army Corps of Engineers and Interior Department to begin planning a wall along the Mexican border, including how specific environmental laws could get in the way, CNN has learned.

    Donald Trump Inauguration Day schedule: What you need to know

    The video above is a live look at Inauguration Day coverage. Please note the feed may change throughout the day.  WASHINGTON — Welcome to Inauguration Day where Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Fox 4 will have live coverage of the inauguration and related activities. Our coverage begins live at 10 a.m. Friday. We’ll also have special Facebook live coverage on our Facebook page. All times EST 8:30 a.m. President-elect Trump […]

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    Thousands of Skittles intended for cattle feed spill on Wisconsin highway

    DODGE COUNTY, Wis. – This story starts out about Skittles — but ends up being about cows! The well-known candy was spilled all over County Highway S near Blackbird Road. They were discovered shortly before 9:00 p.m. No one knew where the candy came from or where it was going, but county road crews said the Skittles spill was actually helpful, as the roads in the area have been icy and the thousands of little candies improved traction. So that’s one […]

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    Fun facts from past presidential inaugurations

    WASHINGTON – Sometimes presidential inaugurations are full of pomp and circumstance. Sometimes they end with the newly sworn-in president jumping out of a White House window. Intrigued yet? Whether you’re stoked or bummed about the way the election turned out, here are some fun facts to make you look like a history buff to your friends as the inauguration festivities near. Yes, this stuff really happened. When William Henry Harrison was too proud to wear a coat. What, you don’t […]

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    Drug kingpin “El Chapo” extradited to United States to face six separate indictments

    Drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, who became a legend in Mexico through his dramatic prison escapes and years of staying just ahead of the law, was extradited Thursday and transported to the United States. The move appears to be timed. Mexican authorities wanted to turn over Guzman, head of the Sinaloa cartel, before Friday’s inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, a US official told CNN. Trump angered Mexico during his campaign by demanding it pay for a border wall. Guzman, […]

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    Woman says bacon helped her celebrate 109 years

    MARSHALL, Ill. — A 109-year-old woman from southern Illinois has some advice for living a long life. “I never smoked a cigarette in my life, I never drank liquor in my life, and I had one husband for 43 years,” said Ruth Benjamin. “And I love bacon!” Ruth just celebrated her 109th birthday. She was born in 1908 as one of her parents’ six children. Later in life, she worked at Quakemaid in Terre Haute for 43 years. While her life […]

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    Government sues America’s largest student loan company for cheating borrowers

    WASHINGTON – Sallie Mae has long drawn the ire of student loan borrowers struggling to pay back their debt. But as it turns out, they might have had a real reason to complain. On Wednesday, the federal government sued Navient, formerly part of Sallie Mae, for allegedly cheating borrowers out of their repayment rights. And two additional lawsuits, filed by Attorneys General in Illinois and Washington, named both Navient and Sallie Mae. The two companies handle student loan payments from […]

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    ‘She will always be my mom’: Teenager kidnapped as newborn forgives woman accused of abducting her

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Alexis Manigo has accepted what police say — that she was born as Kamiyah Mobley and that the woman who raised her in South Carolina stole her as a newborn from a Florida hospital. But the 18-year-old told ABC’s “Good Morning America” she still considers the woman now sitting in jail to be her mother. “She will always be mom,” Manigo said in an interview that “GMA” aired Wednesday. “I will always love her.” A DNA test […]

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    President Obama commutes Chelsea Manning’s sentence for leaking Army documents

    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Tuesday commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning, who was convicted of stealing and disseminating 750,000 pages of documents and videos to WikiLeaks. The President also pardoned James Cartwright, the former vice chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, pleaded guilty in October to a single charge of making false statements to federal investigators in 2012 when he was questioned about leaking top secret information on US efforts to cripple Iran’s nuclear program to […]

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    New study says acupuncture might help colicky baby, but critics appalled

    The shrill sobs just won’t stop. Although some bawling is normal for babies, excessive crying for more than three hours a day, lasting more than three days a week, might be a sign that a doctor’s intervention is in order. Excessive crying is known as infantile colic, and a new study suggests that acupuncture may reduce colicky crying when other treatments don’t help. Yet not all experts agree that there is enough evidence to deem acupuncture a safe and effective […]

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    GM to invest $1 billion in US plants, add or keep 7,000 jobs

    NEW YORK — Under attack from President-elect Donald Trump for its investment in Mexican plants, General Motors announced plans Tuesday to invest at least $1 billion in U.S. factories and committed to creating or retaining about 7,000 U.S. jobs in the coming years. The company will move 450 jobs from GM supplier plants in Mexico back to the U.S., and will keep another 1,500 factory jobs in the U.S. that were at risk of moving to Mexico. In addition, GM […]