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Eric Burke joined the FOX 4 News Team in March 2002 as a general assignment reporter. After several years on the Breaking News beat, he's back on the streets covering a little bit of everything.

His career has taken him to stations in Midland, Texas; Waco, Texas; and Evansville, Indiana.

As a huge sports fan, 11 years in Kansas City has made him a rabid Royals fan. When it comes to college basketball, he waves the wheat! RCJH KU!

Eric remarried in 2011. He has two daughters, Jordyn and Kaitlyn. He and his wife Jeanene welcomed a new baby girl, Ainsley, in August.

Recent Articles
  • While prepared, police don’t anticipate any problems with lighting ceremonies

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On the eve of the 85th annual Plaza lighting ceremony, worry isn’t on the minds of people planning on attending and police say that’s the right attitude to have. Police have no reason to believe there will be anything but Christmas spirit on the streets of the Plaza Thursday night, but if there’s even a hint of a problem, they’ll be ready. There’s a Plaza security plan in place every year and this year is no […]

  • Crowd of protesters swells from dozens to hundreds marching through KC streets

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Police in cars and on horseback followed a crowd of protesters as they made their way from Brush Creek Park through Westport on Tuesday night. News of the rally spread through social media and by word of mouth, encouraging anyone upset or angered by a St. Louis County grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson to come out and stand together. Officer Wilson fatally shot unarmed teenager Michael Brown on August 9, and […]

  • Local lawyers confused by release of evidence, grand jury proceedings

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A day after the announcement of no indictment against Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, there’s still a focus on evidence that was presented to the grand jury, evidence that was released by the St. Louis County prosecutor. It’s a move that has two local attorneys shaking their heads. “It’s all supposed to be done in secret, we have a specific statute that requires it to remain secret, and I was dumbfounded. It’s extraordinary,” said attorney John […]

  • KC Councilman spreads Christmas joy with annual celebration

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — We are still a few days away from Thanksgiving, but a Kansas City organization is already in Christmas mode. The 20th annual Santa’s Wonderland Celebration is Wednesday. It’s a yearly tradition that needs some elves to help fill all Christmas wishes. Kansas City Council Member Jermaine Reed is one of those elves. “It’s something that makes me feel really good,” Reed gushed. Growing up, Reed’s family didn’t have a lot of money, but his mom always made […]

  • Former prosecutor helps unmask the mystery behind grand jury process

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Part of the reason for the growing tension in Ferguson, Mo. is because the grand jury process is shrouded in secrecy. While the proceedings are secret and often mysterious, experts say you shouldn’t read anything into the process. There are two ways someone can be charged with a crime, by a complaint signed by a judge or an indictment from a grand jury. The type of case doesn’t dictate one way or another, the decision is made at the […]

  • Police patrolling 69 Highway following complaints of drivers missusing the shoulder

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Tempers are flaring in Overland Park, especially during morning and evening rush hours. But this time it’s not construction or lane closures that have people fuming, it’s other drivers breaking the law. Workers from the Kansas Department of Transportation are doing bridge repairs on northbound 69 Highway over Interstate 435. It’s created some traffic issues between 119th Street and College Boulevard, so many in fact, drivers have filed complaints with the Overland Park Police Department and […]

  • Smokers looking to kick habit can get a kickstart with Great American Smokeout

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — If you’ve been think about kicking the smoking habit, Thursday may be the perfect day for you. It’s the Great American Smokeout, a day when people are encouraged to quit all smoking. “It’s really important to set a date when you’re talking about quitting smoking,” said Dr. Joseph Stilwill. Kicking the nicotine habit isn’t easy and it takes a lot of hard work. Dr. Stilwill with Sarah Cannon at Menorah Medical Center says it can be […]

  • New squad of neighbors coming to crucial area of Overland Park

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — An Overland Park neighborhood is about to get some new neighbors who specialize in saving lives. The city bought a home for sale and turned it into a ‘squad house.’ A home at the corner of Indian Creek Parkway and Reeds Road will soon house six people over three shifts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The location was chosen to be time-saving. When seconds count, it’s also life-saving. Brad Cusick […]

  • Police chief warns of opportunistic car thieves who emerge in cold weather

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Cold mornings are forecast for most of the week, which means extra time spent warming up your car. Just make sure you are in it when it’s running. “Criminals are opportunists and when they see an opportunity to steal a car, they’re going to take advantage of it,” said Overland Park Police Chief Frank Donchez. Overland Park police have seen a rise in stolen cars this year compared last. In 2013 there were less than 20 […]

  • First snow of the year will create some headaches on the road

    KANSAS CITY, Mo.  — We may not be getting a huge amount of snow Saturday, but it is the first snowfall of the season, and it can bring some headaches. No ruler, no snow boots, no hat!  This first snowfall is going to be a piece of cake for anyone who decides to stay in tomorrow. For those who venture out, be careful, FOX 4’s Eric Burke has tips from authorities to stay safe on the road in winter weather.

  • Realtors get schooled in self-defense

    MERRIAM, Kan. — The kidnapping and murder of an Arkansas real estate agent put a fear in realtors across the country. Here in the metro, a group is trading that fear for awareness. Forty-nine-year old Beverly Carter went to show a home just outside of Little Rock, Ark. in late September and no one ever saw her again. Her body was found in a shallow grave a few days later. Carter wasn’t a rookie, she knew to let people know where […]

  • Alleged unwanted sexual advances lead to charges against KU student

    LAWRENCE, Kan. — A 21-year-old University of Kansas student is charged with sexual battery and criminal restraint. The victim says she knew the suspect, but his advances were not consensual and she went to police. The charge is very specific, aggravated sexual battery. It’s defined as touching another person with intent to arouse the sexual desires of the offender without consent. Lawrence police said according to what the victim told them, the charge is accurate. Twenty-one-year-old Christopher Colvin is a student at […]