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Jason M. Vaughn is a Kansas City, Missouri, native and graduate of both Raytown High School and UMKC. Prior to coming to FOX 4 in 2008, he was an editor for FOXNews.com. He has also been - at one time or another - a ski lift operator, graphic designer, ghost writer, IRS clerk, studio guitarist, photographer, drywall hanger, landscaper, pool cleaner, grill cook, model (!), crowd-control guard, substitute teacher, book binder, sports writer, lead singer in a punk rock band, camel loader (!!), accounting software technical support engineer, janitor, newspaper reporter, delivery driver, book reviewer, radio station lackey, carpenter, roadie, tour guide and at least a couple of other things that he just can't remember at the moment in a variety of places ranging from Arizona to New York City.

He is married to a beautiful fifth grade teacher named Kirbi and has two cats.

Recent Articles
  • Tuesday Web Dump: January 29, 2013

    The final FOX 4 Web Dump…

  • Authorities Warn of ‘Hit Man” E-mail Scam

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Most of us have to deal with junk mail in our e-mail – but it’s probably the last place you’d expect to hear from a hit man. According to authorities in Marion County, Missouri, a resident there received an e-mail in a murder-for-hire scam in which criminals demand money in exchange for sparing the recipient’s life. “These particular scams do have a common thread in that they’re not trying to only scare you, (but they’re trying) […]

  • RussiaCarCow

    Daily Web Dump: Meanwhile, in Russian Fast Food News…

    This cheeseburger seems a bit undercooked. (Via YouTube)

  • BasketballFail

    Daily Web Dump: Meanwhile, in Russian Pro Basketball News…

    In Soviet Russia, hoops shoot you… (Via YouTube)

  • SlotCarTooth

    Daily Web Dump: Meanwhile, in Pediatric Dentistry News…

    Like a boss. (Say OMG)

  • Tech Report: Favorite Things for January

    LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Every month the Tech Report goes on the lookout for unique and useful gadgets. This time around we found lots of great gadgets for your home. Starting with the TV. You probably have lots of components hooked up to your entertainment system and Logitech’s Harmony Touch remote controls them all. Unlike other universal remotes, it’s not crowded with tons of buttons. Instead, the Harmony replaces the messy button layout with just the essentials. A touch screen […]

  • RussianTank

    Daily Web Dump: Meanwhile, in Russian Motoring News…

    Although not specifically addressed in most drivers education classes, in general a speeding Russian tank has the right-of-way in nearly every situation. (Via Gawker)

  • Fairfax

    GM to Invest $600 Million into Fairfax Plant

    KANSAS CITY, Kan. — General Motors announced a $600-million investment in the Fairfax Assembly and Stamping Plant, including the construction of a new 450,000 square-foot paint shop, the installation of a new stamping press and other upgrades. It is one of GM’s largest plant investments ever, and builds on nearly $2 billion invested in Fairfax in the last decade. Earlier this month, GM announced it would invest $1.5 billion in North American facilities in 2013. This Fairfax investment comprises a […]

  • SAG Awards Recap

    Some “Oscar” front-runners could be emerging. FOX 4 Movie Critic Shawn Edwards gave us his thoughts on how the SAG awards will influence the winners and snubs at the Academy Awards.

  • Defensive Driving Tips

    It’s one thing for you to be a great driver – but what can you do when other drivers aren’t nearly as cautious as you? Lawyer Douglas Horn told us about some of Kansas City’s most dangerous intersections and what you can do to keep yourself and your family safe.

  • Iran Space Monkey (Pic Courtesy of Twitter/Mahir Zeynalov - @mahirzeynalov)

    Report: Iran Launches Monkey Into Space

    TEHRAN, Iran — Iranian officials say that they successfully launched a monkey into space and returned it safely to Earth on Monday in an apparent move paving the way to manned space flight. According to AFP, the monkey was launched on Monday to an altitude of 75 miles in the suborbital flight. “This success is the first step towards man conquering the space and it paves the way for other moves,” Iran Defense Minister General Ahmad Vahidi told state television. […]

  • School Bus

    Vandals Strike Odessa School Buses

    ODESSA, Mo. — Authorities are investigating after several Odessa School District buses were found vandalized early Monday morning. According to district officials, four Odessa School District buses were discovered to be vandalized with their batteries removed on Monday morning. The district says that the buses were “substitute” buses, and there were no delays getting students to school. The district says that the vandalism was reported immediately to the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department for further investigation. District officials say that this […]