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Kim Byrnes is the weekend morning anchor and reports three days a week. Kim came to FOX 4 in 1997. She began her career here as a general assignment reporter before getting promoted to anchor of the weekend evening shows. Kim has been part-time for the past 6 years, but is now back in the saddle and full-time once again.

Kim has been telling stories since she was a child. With a captive audience in her sixth grade class, she turned a three minute speech into 27 minutes. Her teacher told her it was a school record and she hasn't stopped talking since.

In her spare time, which is rare, she loves to hang out with her three kids, shop, travel and fish. One of her proudest moments is reeling in a 25 pound king salmon in Alaska, which she showed off to fellow travelers at Kansas City International Airport upon landing. The baggage claim area has never quite smelled the same.

Kim has also worked as an anchor, reporter and photographer in Springfield, Missouri and Pittsburg, Kansas. She loves Kansas City and plans to call it home for a long time to come.

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