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Emmy Award Winning Linda Wagar brings 30 years of newsgathering experience to her position as an investigative reporter and Problem Solver for FOX 4. She began her career covering crime news and local government for newspapers in Oregon and Indiana. She then worked for United Press International as an editor and later as UPI’s statehouse correspondent in Kentucky.
After leaving UPI, Linda spent seven years as senior editor for a national magazine that covered issues facing state governments. Her articles explored the rebuilding of Los Angeles after the Rodney King riots, the influence of lobbyist spending on state lawmakers and questionable use of lottery and gambling revenue in some states.
A television appearance in 1994 led to Linda’s move into television news. Linda was covering the National Governors Association’s annual meeting for her magazine when she was interviewed for a segment on C-Span. The general manager for WLEX-TV in Lexington , Ky., saw her and hired her to cover Kentucky state government.
Five years later, Linda joined FOX 4 as an investigative reporter. Her work prompted the Ray County prosecutor’s office to file murder charges in a case originally called a suicide. She exposed corrupt dealings by an Independence transmission-repair shop. Her stories shut down a Lenexa travel agency that was defrauding senior citizens, uncovered price gouging by local pharmacies and exposed a local minister who was passing bad checks.
Linda’s work has been recognized with three Emmy awards for investigative and general news reporting. In addition, she has several awards from the Missouri Broadcasters Association for best documentary, best news series and best feature story.
Linda holds a bachelor of arts degree in political science from the University of Kentucky . Linda, who speaks Norwegian, studied history, politics and Norwegian for a year at Bjertnes Videre Goende Skole in Nittedal , Norway .
Linda resides in Kansas City , Mo. , with her husband. Her son Clay works as an economist in Washington DC. In her free time, Linda enjoys cooking, traveling and learning to speak French badly.

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    Tamika Pouncil never drives her car without first grabbing a whole lot of paperwork to prove — when she gets pulled over by police — that she owns the car and is desperately trying to get it registered. “Now I have five tickets,” said Pouncil, a single working mother of two. “I’m in court in Olathe next month.” Pouncil isn’t upset with police. She knows they are just doing their job. She’s upset with her car loan company. Although she […]

  • Upset customers find owner of metro limousine company hard to track down

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Forrest Clopton shelled out about $100 last November for a limousine tour of the holiday lights. “It was kind of neat,” he said. “It was exciting.” A good memory until this June, when Clopton noticed a $1,048.15 charge on his bank statement. It was a debit card charge from that same limousine company Clopton hired and paid for in November, plus this latest charge was more than 10 times the original amount. Clopton immediately called the […]

  • Driver in deadly crash steals SUV of woman who stopped to help, leaving behind weapons

    KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Two dead, three injured. That was the scene early Sunday morning after a truck careened off 63rd Street in Kansas City, Kan., and slammed into a tree. Then it got worse when a woman who stopped to help became a victim herself. “The truck had gone down into the woods and there was a guy hanging out the window,” said one woman, who asked not to be identified, when she drove to the accident on 63rd […]

  • Needing help fast, Belton family sees landscaper rescue them from contracting nightmare

    BELTON, Mo. — It’s a local landscaper to the rescue! As soon as Dylan Malone, owner of Next Level Lawncare and Landscape, heard the news that an 84-year-old Belton man had been the victim of a bad contractor, he offered to solve the problem. A huge offer for a huge job. Russell Nicholson’s retaining wall – running nearly the entire length of his driveway – had been removed by the old contractor, who then disappeared. What also disappeared was Nicholson’s […]

  • Contractors’ history of empty promises earn them a place in the Problem Solvers Hall of Shame

    BELTON, Mo. — It isn’t easy getting answers from a contractor that left a house looking as bad as Russ Nicholson’s Belton home. “Those were steps,” said the 84-year-old Mr. Nicholson, pointing to a pile of gravel and dirt. Mr. Nicholson can no longer use his front door because his now missing contractor tore out the bottom steps of his stairwell and the retaining wall holding his porch and yard in place. “I said I either want my money or […]

  • Progressive Insurance denies metro couple’s claim after driver crashes into their two parked cars

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A young Kansas City couple recently became victims twice. The first time was when a driver crashed into both their cars parked in their driveway, totaling them. The second time was when that driver’s insurance company refused to pay for the damage. “It was like a train going by or something,” said Jasmine Ortega who was feeding her newborn baby in the living room of her Kansas City home when she heard the crash. “It was […]