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Emmy Award Winning Linda Wagar brings 25 years of newsgathering experience to her position as an investigative reporter and Problem Solver for FOX 4. She began her career covering crime news and local government for newspapers in Oregon and Indiana. She then worked for United Press International as an editor and later as UPI’s statehouse correspondent in Kentucky.

After leaving UPI, Linda spent seven years as senior editor for a national magazine that covered issues facing state governments. Her articles explored the rebuilding of Los Angeles after the Rodney King riots, the influence of lobbyist spending on state lawmakers and questionable use of lottery and gambling revenue in some states.

A television appearance in 1994 led to Linda’s move into television news. Linda was covering the National Governors Association’s annual meeting for her magazine when she was interviewed for a segment on C-Span. The general manager for WLEX-TV in Lexington , Ky., saw her and hired her to cover Kentucky state government.

Five years later, Linda joined FOX 4 as an investigative reporter. Her work prompted the Ray County prosecutor’s office to file murder charges in a case originally called a suicide. She exposed corrupt dealings by an Independence transmission-repair shop. Her stories shut down a Lenexa travel agency that was defrauding senior citizens, uncovered price gouging by local pharmacies and exposed a local minister who was passing bad checks.

Linda’s work has been recognized with three Emmy awards for investigative and general news reporting. In addition, she has several awards from the Missouri Broadcasters Association for best documentary, best news series and best feature story.

Linda holds a bachelor of arts degree in political science from the University of Kentucky . Linda, who speaks Norwegian, studied history, politics and Norwegian for a year at Bjertnes Videre Goende Skole in Nittedal , Norway .

Linda currently resides in Kansas City , Mo. , with her husband, her son and her dog Scooter. She enjoys traveling, entertaining at home and learning to speak French badly.

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  • FOX 4 Problem Solvers: Power chair problems

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  • Two local artists helped restore a historic painting.

    Piece of world history saved by two Kansas City artists

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Pantheon de la guerre is 70-feet of history. It’s a relic of World War I that was rescued from destruction more than 50 years ago. The Pantheon hangs in Kansas City’s WWI Museum, but how it got here is a story only 77-year-old Jack Cox can tell first hand. “I really didn’t know the significance of this when I started,” said Cox. Cox, who retired from Fox 4 as a graphic artist, was an art […]

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    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A woman contacted FOX 4 Problem Solvers after a painter she hired and gave money to, failed to complete the job she needed done. Desi Goans called FOX 4 Problem Solvers for help after the painter she gave a $750 deposit failed to do the job he promised. In fact, most of the time, she said he even failed to show up. The painter at first agreed to refund her money, but that never happened. Goans, […]

  • How well are you and your home protected in the event of a storm?

    INDEPENDENCE, Mo . — Mary Esther May knew something bad had happened, “I heard a big old sound cracking and everything,” she said of Friday’s early morning storm that tore through most of the metro, leaving thousands without power. The storm sheared off a huge section of the tree in the front yard of the home May shares with her husband Larry. The downed section of tree blocked their entry way to their home before resting on the roof. The first […]