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Emmy Award Winning Linda Wagar brings 25 years of newsgathering experience to her position as an investigative reporter and Problem Solver for FOX 4. She began her career covering crime news and local government for newspapers in Oregon and Indiana. She then worked for United Press International as an editor and later as UPI’s statehouse correspondent in Kentucky.

After leaving UPI, Linda spent seven years as senior editor for a national magazine that covered issues facing state governments. Her articles explored the rebuilding of Los Angeles after the Rodney King riots, the influence of lobbyist spending on state lawmakers and questionable use of lottery and gambling revenue in some states.

A television appearance in 1994 led to Linda’s move into television news. Linda was covering the National Governors Association’s annual meeting for her magazine when she was interviewed for a segment on C-Span. The general manager for WLEX-TV in Lexington , Ky., saw her and hired her to cover Kentucky state government.

Five years later, Linda joined FOX 4 as an investigative reporter. Her work prompted the Ray County prosecutor’s office to file murder charges in a case originally called a suicide. She exposed corrupt dealings by an Independence transmission-repair shop. Her stories shut down a Lenexa travel agency that was defrauding senior citizens, uncovered price gouging by local pharmacies and exposed a local minister who was passing bad checks.

Linda’s work has been recognized with three Emmy awards for investigative and general news reporting. In addition, she has several awards from the Missouri Broadcasters Association for best documentary, best news series and best feature story.

Linda holds a bachelor of arts degree in political science from the University of Kentucky . Linda, who speaks Norwegian, studied history, politics and Norwegian for a year at Bjertnes Videre Goende Skole in Nittedal , Norway .

Linda currently resides in Kansas City , Mo. , with her husband, her son and her dog Scooter. She enjoys traveling, entertaining at home and learning to speak French badly.

Recent Articles
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    Teachers upset after KCK schools cut recycling programs

    KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Rebecca Crowl’s fourth grade class is getting two math lessons: the one every student sees as they learn how to identify ones, tens, hundreds and thousands, and the one that happens at the end of the day when most students are gone. That’s when Mrs. Crowl takes home the class recycling bin to dump with her own recycling. It’s a chore, but one she felt she had no choice but to accept after the Kansas City, […]

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    Some in Belton wait weeks to have their trash picked up

    BELTON, Mo. — From the waving flags to the hanging flower pots, Belton’s Main Street has never looked better. Until you look at Linda Medlin’s house. There’s an overflowing dumpster in front of her three rental properties because the trash hasn’t been picked up in five weeks. “This is ridiculous,” Medlin said. “It’s a health issue.” She pays $400 a year to the trash company WCA — formerly Town and County Disposal. She said she’s called so often to complain […]

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    Woman calls FOX 4 Problem Solvers when her car catches fire 48 hours after purchase

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Celeste Robinson had just purchased her car less than 48 hours earlier and drove it fewer than 50 miles when she was driving friends home and saw smoke coming from under the hood of her car. Minutes after pulling over, the engine burst into flames. The Kansas City Fire Department put the fire out, but the car was a goner. “I was like ‘I just bought this car.’ What the hell happened?” Luckily — or so […]

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    Inspectors with fire marshal’s office visit Missouri State Fair to give rides a safety check

    SEDALIA, Mo. — For many children, everything about amusement parks spells fun — the flashing lights, spinning rides and even their sometimes scary names (Tower of Terror anyone?). But Larry Watson knows those rides can also pose a deadly danger. He’s a state inspector for the Missouri Fire Marshal’s Office. Watson and his crew are at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia this week making sure every ride is safe. FOX 4 caught up with him as he checked the […]

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    Schlitterbahn employee questions Verrückt inspection process, says ride should have age requirement

    KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A Schlitterbahn employee is speaking out about what she describes as a dangerous lack of training and oversight at the park, which could be placing the public at risk. “The only inspections we’ve ever done is people riding down slides one time — `oh, it’s okay,'” she said she was told. “You are good to go for the rest of the day now.” The Kansas Department of Labor also regulates amusement park rides. In fact, state […]

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    FOX 4 Problem Solvers tackle a trio of troubles, with fixes forthcoming

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The tree of Bales Avenue in Kansas City appears to have a hole nearly all the way through the center of its trunk. It’s not dying, but it looks like death could be on its way. Neighbor George Sales would like the tree gone. He said every time the wind blows he worries the tree, which towers above his home, will fall. “Children go through there a lot and if it falls, it could hurt somebody,” said […]

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    Movie characters turn out to be real party poopers for two metro kids celebrating birthdays

    LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — Three-year-old Cain knows how to do battle with an evil foe, which is why he had hoped to take on Darth Vader at his birthday party. But the sword-wielding Star Wars star never showed up. That’s something his mom Hannah Sage won’t soon forget. “He’s like ‘Where’s Darth Vader? I thought you said Darth Vader would be here Mommy?'” she recalled. Sage said she finally decided to tell him Darth Vader was sick and couldn’t make […]

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    Man’s messy yard that appears abandoned aggravates neighbors on Kansas City street

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Hutson Road is an attractive street lined with well-tended homes until you see the house on the corner with the long grass, overgrown backyard and four vehicles in the driveway that appear to be abandoned. “I’m aggravated,” said neighbor Jeri Hewitt. “I’m disgusted. I’m worried about our property values dropping and I’m sure it has.” Hewitt is one of several neighbors who complained to FOX 4 Problem Solvers about the home, which has been a rental […]

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    “Free” prayer ends up costing 80-year-old KC woman big bucks

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Jeannette Quinn starts each morning in prayer. Quinn, 80, usually had her daily devotional alone until a fellow school teacher told Quinn about a free conference call for a morning prayer circle and invited her to join. “I did it every morning Monday through Friday,” Quinn said. That was until she got her first phone bill for $138. It turned out those “free” prayers were pretty expensive. The “free” conference call required her to dial a long distance […]

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    Rockhurst alums remember Clinton V.P. pick Tim Kaine

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — From Rockhurst High School graduate to potential Vice President of the United States, Tim Kaine has come a long way from his humble Kansas City roots. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced Kaine as her running mate on Friday. The two have been campaigning in Florida all week. Kaine may have graduated from Rockhurst 40 years ago, but folks there still remember him. FOX 4’s Linda Wagar went to his alma mater to speak with some of […]

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    Short on aid from airlines, Problem Solvers help swimmer with Down Syndrome get home from Italy

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The last time FOX 4 met Allison VanHoesen, she was training to break another national record for swimmers with Down Syndrome. In fact, FOX 4 caught up with her just before she headed to Florence, Italy to compete in the Trisome Games. The day she left for those games is when her problem started. Allison, her mom Kindra and coach Julie Reilly had flown on Southwest Airlines from Kansas City to Chicago where they were supposed […]

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    Shocking utility bill leaves KCK family searching for answers from BPU

    KANSAS CITY, Kan. — April, 2015 was a happy time for the Wiseman family. They were on a cruise and blissfully unaware thieves were burglarizing their Kansas KCK home and setting it on fire. For six months, Jill Wiseman, husband Shawn and their three children lived in either hotels or rental properties while their house in the Turner Neighborhood was being rebuilt. The move back to a normal life was going smoothly until this past April. That’s when their Board of […]