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    Ad agency wants you to give up Facebook for 99 days

    A Dutch ad agency has come up with a challenge — it wants you to go 99 days without Facebook. It claims the time away from the social media site will not only save you 28 hours, but it will also make you happier. This in response to a recent social media experiment conducted by Facebook that involved over 700,000 users. So far, over 22,000 people have taken the challenge — they need to remove all Facebook and messenger apps […]

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    Be aware of the apps on your kids’ phones

    Did your child get a new smart phone or device for the holidays?  Do you know what all those app icons on the screen mean — and what your child might be using them for?  Here are some of the most popular apps for teens — and what you need to know about them to make sure your child is being safe.

  • Smartphone Use

    Study: Half of women would rather give up sex, than give up phone

    A new study shows just how much smartphones are now dominating our lives. More than 3,500 women were asked about their smartphone use and you may be surprised at what they’re willing to give up for their phone. Half of the women surveyed said they would be willing to go a month without sex, rather than be without their phones for the same amount of time, the Daily Mail reports. The survey also found that one in 20 of those […]

  • Parents, beware: popular teen website linked to cyber bullying

    It’s a site not a lot of adults know about — but it’s very popular with teens and kids. Now, law enforcement officials are warning parents about the site after the site has been linked to nearly a dozen teen suicides in Europe and at least one in the United States. In Colorado, the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office said they’ve received more than 30 calls in the past three weeks from parents and teachers who are concerned about […]

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    Stop phubbing and pay attention to your friends

    Are your friends spending more time looking at their phone than at you in social situations? Are you spending more time checking your Twitter feed at dinner than chatting with your companion? These are two classic phubbing situations — and one website wants to bring an end to it! Phubbing, that is “the act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention,” is getting some spotlight after a website has called […]

  • Surgery

    Oklahoma surgical center creates price war after posting surgery prices online

    OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma City surgery center is posting all-inclusive guaranteed quotes for common surgical procedures online — and has started a price war for affordable healthcare in the area. Dr. Keith Smith and Dr. Steven Lantier launched Surgery Center of Oklahoma 15 years ago and started posting their prices online about four years ago. The prices are all-inclusive quotes and they are guaranteed. “When we first started we thought we were about half the price of the hospitals,” […]

  • KU head coach Bill Self

    Bill Self Third Highest Paid Coach in NCAA Tourney

    Kansas might have gotten knocked out of the NCAA Tournament before they wanted to, but head coach Bill Self has this to comfort him: he’s in the top-three for highest paid coaches in the tournament this year, according to a report from USA Today. Looking at compensation packages and federal tax returns, USA Today compiled a list of the top coaches who are bringing in the big bucks, both in and outside of tournament play. Two coaches from Kentucky: top-seeded […]

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    Study Finds 1 in 2 Parents Snoop on Their Kids on Facebook

    Take a look at your Facebook friends list. If your parent or child is on that list, you are not alone. And if you are indeed friends with your kid, chances are you use the social networking site to keep tabs on what your kid is up to. gathered information on various ways parents use Facebook, and found that 92 percent of parents who use social media are Facebook friends with their kids, and that 1 in 2 parents […]

  • New Apps for Timeline

    KU Study: Oversharing on Facebook Hurts Relationships

    LAWRENCE, Kan. — If you’re the sort of Facebooker who shares everything that happens to you, be forewarned. New research by psychologists at the University of Kansas say you could be hurting your romantic relationships. That was the researchers’ conclusion after they performed three separate studies to see how your partner feels when you share on your Facebook wall to your friends. “You have the expectation of your partner only telling you some of this important information, but then you […]

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    Dad pays daughter $200 to stay off Facebook

    How much money would it take for you to stay off Facebook for 5 months?  For one teen, $200 will do the trick! Paul Baier, a vice president for Boston energy firm Groom Energy Solutions, drafted up a legal agreement for his 14-year-old daughter that offers her $200 if she will stay off Facebook for five months. The daughter will get $50 in April and another $150 in June. The best part? The whole thing was her idea. He posted […]

  • ironcat

    Monopoly Unveils New Game Token After Fan Vote

    No more pressed shirts for Monopoly players! After putting the iconic game tokens up to a fan vote in January, toy-maker Hasbro announced on Wednesday that the iron would be removed from the game. Fans also voted on a new token to replace it: the cat. Game players flocked to the Monopoly Facebook page to cast their vote every day to save the dog, iron, race car, battleship, shoe, thimble, top hat or wheelbarrow. The cat token beat out a […]

  • Update now to the new FOX 4 App!

    Update now — the all-new FOX 4 app brings you more news, weather, sports and information in an easy-to-use format. iPhone and iPad users tap here or search ‘fox4kc’ in the Apple App Store Or Android users: You’ll need to go to the Google Play store and search for ‘fox4kc’ to download the new app. Remember to delete the old one when you are done. This app features constantly updated coverage of the Kansas City metro area from the team at […]