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Melissa Stern joined FOX 4 in October of 2013 and reports for FOX 4 News from 10:30A-6:30P.
Melissa’s passion for reporting started at a young age while she was growing up in south Florida. From debate, to public speaking, then reporting and anchoring for the University of Florida…she decided she had the gift of gab!
Melissa loves finding stories and sharing them with the community. She earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Telecommunications at UF and then traveled to the Show Me state for the first time ever to work at KOLR10 in Springfield.
When she’s not working, Melissa enjoys traveling, cooking, working out, and spending time with family and friends.
She’s new to Kansas City and loves meeting new people. If you have a story idea, or simply want to say “hi”, e-mail her at Melissa.Stern@wdaftv4.com

Recent Articles
  • Rockstar therapy dog beloved by kids and staff at Hickman Mills school needs help following surgery

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kramer — the superhero therapy dog — has been going to school with his mom for seven years. She’s an elementary counselor in the Hickman Mills School District. But the therapy dog has recently undergone surgery for cancer and needs help getting back to helping the kiddos who depend on him. “I told the kids yesterday about what was going on, because Wednesday was our first day, and I think every single kid in that school […]

  • Threats and warning from Independence police prompts venue to cancel book signing

    INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — A local venue has rescinded its offer to host a book signing and refunded all the money to ticket buyers after receiving threats and a warning from police about the author it was scheduled to host this Saturday. The reason? Some people say the author is stirring up controversy. People protested the book signing, saying they don’t want what happened in Charlottesville to happen in Independence. Now, those involved with putting on the book signing say they […]

  • Investigators looking into whether smoke detectors were functional in fire that killed two children

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — An overnight fire in Overland Park claimed the lives of two children, and injured half-a-dozen other victims. Fire investigators are looking into what sparked the deadly apartment fire. They say initially it was believed that the building didn’t have working smoke detectors, but the fire department says in an update that the investigation will determine whether they weren’t functional or quickly destroyed int he fire. Two children — ages 3 and 5– died before firefighters could […]

  • Parents of Kearney teen killed in crash recall ‘surreal’ moment they learned their son was gone

    EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo. — A Kearney teenager died in a late night crash, just days before beginning his senior year of high school. Two friends riding in the same car are recovering from their injuries. Troopers say the young driver lost control and crashed. It happened near Tryst Falls Park in Clay County. Investigators say the tire of the car came off and hit the entrance to the park. A 17-year-old and her 16-year-old passenger are recovering from their injuries. […]

  • Hero’s New York Griddle food truck owner apologizes for bad food, but not for insensitive response

    A Kansas man says a local food truck owner is serving up some big insults. It’s all happening on social media because of a bad review. John Foley didn’t like his sandwich, so he did what millions of people do every day: he wrote about his experience online. And the food truck owner fired back with some insensitive language, saying Foley sounded “mentally retarded.” 20-year-old Foley ate at Hero’s New York Griddle food truck last week for the first time. […]

  • Waldo residents want to know where’s the flood control?

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Residents in the Waldo neighborhood say they have lakefront property despite being landlocked, and say the city won’t do anything about it. A flood of problems persist in the area of 76th and Pennsylvania. “When it downpours, for instance like yesterday, when it down-poured for maybe 10 minutes, our street was flooded, we’ve got two walls here that are almost two to three-feet high, and it was to the top of the walls, and it took […]

  • Independence homeowner says sinking problem is getting worse, and city isn’t helping

    INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — A problem in Independence is growing according to residents who say they’ve reported  sinkholes, but the city of says the issue isn’t its problem. According to the city — there’s a good reason why. “It was small when we bought the house, I figured we could just fill the hole, and it would be okay. A week after we moved in, the hole got bigger, larger, the more it rained it gets larger and larger and larger,” […]

  • Family shocked and heartbroken after drunk driving crash kills Independence woman

    INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — A 24-year-old Independence man could face up to 15-years in prison if he’s convicted in a drunk driving crash that killed a mom of three. FOX 4’s Melissa Stern talked to the victim’s sister, who’s angry that one man’s decision to get behind the wheel has her family planning a funeral. “Just shocked, screaming and hollering, I just couldn`t believe it was her,” says Tracy Dias, Patrice Lee’s younger sister, “It`s been me and her from day […]

  • Kansas City loses another child to gunfire

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The uncle of a Kansas City boy killed early Sunday morning when he apparently got a hold of a gun and shot himself, says his nephew’s name Jedon and he was two-years-old. Officers were called to the apartment complex on S. Bannister Road near Lydia at 1:13 a.m. Sunday morning.  Jedon Edmond Jr. was taken to the hospital where he died. A neighbor of the family who lives downstairs and has been friends with Jedon’s mother […]

  • Residents near Indian Creek still in a mess, hope they’re spared next round of flooding

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With flooding in the forecast this weekend, residents and businesses along Indian Creek are worried this will be round two, even as they’re still picking up the pieces from the first round. “Yeah, I`m horribly concerned about it, because I`m still just cleaning up,” says Cassandra Risso-Vogler, who has lived in her home for seven years. She says the recent storms and floods completely destroyed the ground floor of her home. “Just this wall of water […]

  • Nearly two years after dedication, family upset that Hyatt Skywalk Memorial errors haven’t been fixed

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A memorial stands to honor dozens of people killed in the Skywalk collapse at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kansas City that happened July 17, 1981. But nearly two years after it’s dedication, some families say they don’t have closure. Paul Farris said that 18 months after the dedication of this memorial, his father’s name is still misspelled. He said three other names are too. As soon as FOX 4’s Melissa Stern spoke to the people […]

  • Neighbor says police aren’t doing enough to prevent break-ins

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Crime hits close to home for a woman living in south Kansas city. She said she doesn’t feel like police are doing enough to keep her neighborhood safe. But the department and officers sworn to serve and protect said they constantly make changes to stay ahead of the bad guys. Ebony Robinson said crime is moving into her neighborhood and doesn’t feel like the police department is taking her complaints seriously. “We’re being robbed every day […]