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Meryl Lin McKean joined FOX 4 in 1985 and currently is the station's health and medical reporter.

She produces and anchors "FOX 4 Health," a nightly segment focusing on health-related issues.

Meryl Lin came to FOX 4 from KTUL-TV in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she was the health reporter and weekend news co-anchor for four years.

Prior to her position in Tulsa, Meryl Lin worked at WOC-TV in Davenport, Iowa.

Meryl Lin graduated magna cum laude from the University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, with a bachelor's degree in broadcasting and film.

Meryl Lin received the 2010 Mid-America Emmy for Health/Science News. She also won an Emmy in 1997, and was a nominee in 2000, 2005, 2006 and 2011. She has received numerous public education awards including the Russell L. Cecil Award for journalism from the Arthritis Foundation, and second place in the American Academy of Family Physicians' television journalism awards. The Kansas City Mayor's Committee on Persons with Disabilities presented her with its 1996 Media Award and she received the 1997 Community Service Award from the Alliance for the Mentally Ill. In 1997, the Kansas City Press Club honored Meryl Lin with a first place Heart of America Award for general reporting, and she received a first place Heart of America Award for feature reporting in 2000, and for franchise reporting in 2007. The American Society of Anesthesiologists honored Meryl Lin with its 2000 Media Award. She is the 2002 recipient of the Television Media Award from the Missouri Public Health Association.

Meryl Lin is a member of the Association of Health Care Journalists. She is listed in the twenty-fourth edition of Who's Who in the Midwest and is active in Delta Zeta Sorority. Meryl Lin is a member of the board of directors of the Jim Eisenreich Foundation for Children with Tourette's Syndrome.

Off-camera, Meryl Lin is an avid sports fan and enjoys playing piano. Meryl Lin is a native of Warrensburg, Missouri, and currently resides in Leawood, Kansas.

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    KANSAS CITY, Kan. — The new U.S. surgeon general made a house call in Kansas City Thursday, urging more cooperation and collaboration to tackle current disease outbreaks and plagues such as violence and obesity. Dr. Vivek Murthy won confirmation last month. At age 37, he’s the youngest surgeon general in U.S. history. Yet he knows what happened in American before he was born, before there were vaccines. “We had many people we would lose to deaths. Many people who, as […]

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    Doctors trying to figure out why more than 100 kids were stricken with mysterious paralysis

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Why have more than 100 kids, including three from our area, suffered paralysis? The cases were first reported during the huge outbreak of Enterovirus 68 in 2014, but doctors have found no link. A local teenager named Billy Sticklen talked about the steps he’s taking towards recovery with FOX 4’s Meryl Lin McKean. With a cane, Billy took steps at Children’s Mercy Hospital, which is progress for a 13-year-old who was in a wheelchair for three […]

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    Metro-based group improving lives in faraway lands

    LEAWOOD, Kan. — Your doctor, nurse and other health professionals may not spend their vacations in a way you would ever imagine.  They’re still caring for patients, only these patients are in Uganda or other faraway lands.   A 34-year-old woman has a cleft lip, a deformity that’s corrected in babies in the U.S.  But not in Uganda.   “She would never have had this treated.  She was basically an outcast in her village.    And she needed to have it […]

  • If measles strikes Kansas City, it would be second time in less than a year

    KANSAS CITY, Mo — The measles outbreak that started at Disneyland is up to 87 confirmed cases. If it reaches Kansas City, it would be the second time in less than a year that the metro has dealt with this very contagious disease. An outbreak that spread from Kansas City to Wichita was the third largest in the U.S. last year. At one-year-old, Saba Karim is getting protection against measles and other diseases at the Kansas City Health Department. The […]

  • Higher cholesterol earlier in adulthood boosts chances of heart disease

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — If you’re in your 30s or 40s, you may think you’re too young to worry about your cholesterol. But a huge new study finds even mildly high cholesterol boosts your chances of heart disease later. Anthony Cook does many things right for his heart. He doesn’t smoke and he’s physically active as a security sergeant at Saint Luke’s Hospital and a basketball referee. “I want to be healthy. I have kids and I want to be […]

  • Rotavirus circulating now; study shows vaccine effective

    KANSAS CITY, Mo — Flu is far from the only virus going around now. Rotavirus can be especially dangerous for little ones. New research shows that vaccination works. At six months old, Teagan Sandnes has avoided rotavirus so far. It typically strikes in winter and spring and is notorious for causing severe dehydration and hospital stays in babies and toddlers. “With it causing diarrhea and vomiting and all that fun stuff that comes with babies,” said Stephanie Sandnes, Teagan’s mother. […]

  • How to revive New Year’s exercise resolutions that are dying this week

    KANSAS CITY, MO — According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook data show that this is the week when New Year’s resolutions to exercise start fading. Facebook check-ins to gyms or fitness centers start dropping around the third week in January. YMCA veteran Eric Hill sees it every January. “First timers, I call them, from the 1st to the 31st. Valentine’s Day, we won’t see them again. They’ll be gone,” said Hill. The crowds of people wanting a fit, trim […]

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    Stem cell therapy shows potential in reversing disability of MS

    KANSAS CITY, Mo — There’s new hope for people with one disease that strikes in the prime of life and can take away movement and vision. An early study finds patients’ own blood cells may be able to reverse the disability of multiple sclerosis. Becky Hopkins began having numbness in her hands and torso. The diagnosis was MS. “In the beginning, it was terrifying not knowing anything about it,” said Hopkins. Eight years later, she participated in the 2014 Bike […]

  • Staff shortage at STD clinic impacting some people wanting testing

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — An employee of the Kansas City Health Department contacted FOX 4, concerned that people are being turned away from the sexually transmitted disease clinic. So we checked into it. More than 9,200 times last year, someone passed through the door at the health department needing to be tested or treated for an STD. Deputy director Bert Malone says the clinic is short two nurses now, and that’s meant some people are being told to come back […]

  • Foundation teaches injury prevention exercises to young athletes

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Sports injuries are epidemic in young athletes, but there are ways to dramatically reduce the chances of your child will get hurt.  An Overland Park physical therapist has started a foundation to reach more kids, coaches and parents. Ava Martin is getting ahead of the game, or games in her case. “I play volleyball, basketball, soccer and softball,” said Martin. The Overland Park fifth grader is getting training from Dan Lorenz, a physical therapist, to reduce […]

  • Two Children’s Mercy patients die of flu

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Children’s Mercy Hospital says two patients have died of the flu. The hospital did not say when, only that the deaths occurred in the last two months.  No names or ages were released. The Kansas City, Missouri Health Department tells FOX 4 it has received only one report of a pediatric death from the flu.  Children’s Mercy sees patients up to age 21, so it’s possible the other death was in someone aged 18 to 21. […]

  • Teen has jaw deformity surgery that included shortening his tongue

    KANSAS CITY, Mo — A Topeka teen had a severe jaw deformity that resulted in serious sleep issues. He’s getting good sleep since doctors at Children’s Mercy Hospital performed surgery that even included shortening his tongue. Toby Goforth was born with a syndrome that included having a jaw that’s too far back. It resulted in Toby’s airway being blocked during sleep, leaving him with little energy during the day. Since age three, he’d had a CPAP machine to wear at […]