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  • KC media lawyer breaks down how FCC eliminating net neutrality could affect your internet access

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Net neutrality. In the last couple of weeks, it’s probably popped up in your Newsfeed or Timeline with memes, videos or posts urging you to take action. As it currently exists, you can access all the internet you want, any site you want, at relatively the same speed. But the Federal Communications Commission could vote to change the rules of net neutrality, allowing providers to charge more for different download speeds, among other things. “Net Neutrality, which […]

  • Well-known metro advocate burned while preparing food to give to the homeless

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A well-known metro man is in the hospital, burned while preparing food to feed the homeless. Scott Lamaster is the founder of the Taking It To the Streets charity. Among the many things the charity does is feed hot meals to the homeless. Lamaster’s daughter says he was grilling food for Sunday night’s route when the accident happened.  Janna Jensen said, “my dad was in an accident with a propane gas grill. He went to lift […]

  • Little known about gunman killed at Lenexa Costco by off-duty KCK officer

    LENEXA, Kan. — Ronald Hunt. That’s the name of the man who police say threatened people, brandished a gun, and caused a mad rush for the exits at Lenexa’s Costco, only to be killed by an off-duty Kansas City, Kansas police officer Sunday morning. That Costco off Marshall Drive, near Interstate 35 and 95th Street, reopened Monday. It is business as usual now, though throughout the store, the conversation is the same: “Where where you during the shooting?” customers keep […]

  • 58-year-old Edwardsville, Kan., man identified as Lenexa Costco gunman

    LENEXA, Kan. — Police on Monday identified the man shot and killed at the Costco store in Lenexa on Sunday by an off-duty police officer, as Ronald O. Hunt, 58, of Edwardsville, Kan.** Police say Hunt was inside the store at approximately 11:09 a.m., when he began yelling and threatening other customers with his gun. A Kansas City, Kan., police officer, who was not on duty at the time, approached Hunt in the store after learning about his threats from […]

  • Off-duty officer who shot, killed man waving gun at Lenexa Costco has more than 20 years of experience with KCK force

    LENEXA, Kan. —  On Monday it looked like it was business as usual the Costco off I-35 and 95th Street in Lenexa, where the day before an off-duty officer shot and killed man waving a gun. By early Monday afternoon, there were cars in the parking lot, people walking in and out of the membership club. On Sunday the parking lot was packed with people running out of the store panicked. Police say a man was brandishing a weapon inside the […]

  • Witness recalls terrifying moments as shots ring out at Lenexa Costco

    LENEXA, Kan. — An off-duty officer happened to be in the right place at the right time: the Costco on Marshall Drive in Lenexa around 11 a.m. Sunday. Ryan Vacca said he was working at the Costco photo center when, “I was looking at the computer screen, and then I heard some commotion happening around me.” Then, “I turned and looked at the front door and saw a guy walking in – just kind of yelling and screaming.” Vacca continued, […]

  • Lenexa man charged with stealing from couple in their 80s highlights widespread problem of elder abuse

    MERRIAM, Kan. — A man charged with stealing from a couple in their mid-80s. Until Monday afternoon, he was still working with the elderly. Elder abuse: It’s a common crime, impacting millions of Americans every year. But it’s almost impossible to discover unless someone reports it. Virakboth Touch, 20, of Lenexa, worked as a caregiver for an elderly Merriam couple this summer. He’s accused of spending thousands of dollars of their money on himself — about $2,500. FOX 4’s Rebecca […]

  • Fountain City Brass Band plays concert to benefit mental health programs

    It’s a universal language, and on Sunday, music was used to tackle a growing problem. The Fountain City Brass Band put on a benefit concert at UMKC to raise money for mental health programs and an upcoming conference. The music is loud and brash and bold. In many ways, this music is the exact opposite of mental illness. “This is a real problem,” said Carol Roder-Esser, “and people suffer with this every day.” Roeder-Asser works with Johnson County’s Mental Health […]

  • While recording house fire, neighbor captures moment KC firefighter falls from the roof

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A house fire near 39th Street and Flora Avenue sent two people — the homeowner and a firefighter — to the hospital Monday afternoon. The bulk of the damage took place on the second floor of the KCMO home. Neighbor Gerald Williams caught it all on his smartphone. “I seen a blazing fire coming out of the top of the roof,” Williams said. “I saw a lot of smoke.” Williams reacted almost immediately. Three generations lived […]

  • Fire damages 80-year-old business in KCK just before busy season

    KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A family business for three generations is the scene of three alarm Sunday fire. “It’s what my grandfather started, it’s all my father knows, and I grew up in it, and this is all I know,” said the business owner. By Sunday evening, the windows of Armourdale Furniture were already boarded up. KCK Fire Chief John Paul Jones said the fire was so big it could’ve spread down the block, but thanks to a quick response, […]

  • Disgruntled employee suspected in KC church vandalism, racist graffiti

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Authorities have arrested a person suspected in the burglary and an arson at a Kansas City church.  While Fox 4 is not naming him because he has not been charged, police say he is a 48-year old man who may have also been a disgruntled employee at the church. Sunday morning, the congregation at Concord Fortress of Hope in south Kansas City found graffiti covering the east side of their church when they came to Sunday services. […]

  • Lawrence authorities delve into KU rape allegations

    More questions arise in Lawrence, where a female student at Downs Hall says she was raped by two male students – at different times – in the early hours Saturday. Monday morning, the KU Deputy Chief of Police told FOX 4 he’d handed over his investigation to the Douglas County District Attorney. By lunchtime, a spokesperson for the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office told FOX 4 they gave police the case back, asking they continue their investigation. That happens more […]