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  • Gadgets to Know: Bluetooth speaker, 4K 360 cam & backup battery cable

    Check out cool gadgets including a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker, a 360 cam that shoots video in 4K resolution and a charging cable that doubles as a backup battery. Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Bluetooth Speaker, $99 Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM is a tiny speaker with big sound. Its predecessors including the UE Boom and UE Roll have been my favorites in years past. You’ll get good-looking speaker that’s easy to use and 360 degrees of sound – it gets loud! WONDERBOOM comes in […]

  • Apple’s free new “Clips” app creates fun videos for social media sharing

    Apple’s new Clips app for iPhones and iPads combines videos and pictures into slick creations perfect for social media sharing. Apple’s professional video editing software is used to make lots of Hollywood TV shows and movies. Now they have an editing app for the rest of us called Clips. Clips makes it easy for the average person to make slick little videos to share on social media or with friends. The free app works on iPhones and iPads and helps you create cool videos […]

  • On-demand food apps use algorithms for faster delivery

    There are lots of food delivery apps to choose from these days – UberEats, Postmates, and Eat24 to name a few – but a company called DoorDash is hoping to set itself apart with a mix of math and good eats. That’s because their app will tell you exactly when your order will arrive at your door! “It’s actually a big math problem to get you a burrito through the streets of LA, or anywhere in this country,” said Tony Xu, […]

  • Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone

    We go hands-on with Samsung’s beautiful new smartphone that’s mostly screen. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Facebook or Twitter for cool apps, tech tricks & tips! New York City – Samsung is hoping to put it’s battery fire woes behind them with two new phones they say are safe. I was in NYC for their Unpacked event, where they officially unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones.a serious start to It was a serious start to a mostly […]

  • Handy smartphone gadgets to make your livestream look more professional

    We are creating more and more video with our smartphones – 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! Here are 4 gadgets to solve the most pressing issues when it comes to video quality. Fix #1 – Shaky Video Keep your camera steady with a gadget called PIVOT from Olloclip. These are the guys that invented those little clip on camera lenses for your iPhone. This is a smartphone grip for steadier shots. The mount moves 225 degrees […]

  • Live streaming animal cams surge in popularity

    Whether it’s watching a giraffe give birth or bald eagle eggs hatch, internet users are watching a lot of live streams of animal cams – and the benefits are mutual. Some of the most popular live feeds on the internet right now are animals! At any given moment, thousands are watching – and waiting – for April the Giraffe to give birth, or Bald Eagle eggs to hatch. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Facebook or Twitter for cool […]

  • BeatsX vs AirPods: Apple Wireless Headphones Compared

    Apple has two unique bluetooth wireless headphones options for its iPhone –  and other devices – here is how AirPods compare to BeatsX. By now you know that the latest iPhone doesn’t have a headphone jack. You’ll find a set of wired headphones in the box but if you want to step up your experience, now is a great time to go wireless. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on facebook and twitter for cool apps, tech tricks & tips! Apple has two […]

  • Smartphones help a new generation hang out online

    Move over mall! New smartphone apps let people to hang out online with multiple friends at once. Unlike FaceTime, there is no set agenda. Some are calling the trend “live chilling.” New group video chat apps let you virtually hang out with friends. There is no set agenda and you can watch videos, listen to music and more – all from your phone. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on facebook and twitter for cool apps, tech tricks & tips! “Facebook and Instagram […]

  • 6 things to know about the LG G6 smartphone

    The LG G6 has a screen like you’ve never seen before! Here are 6 things you need to know about the new smartphone. LG’s last flagship phone – the G5 – wasn’t exactly a success. Now the company is ditching last year’s modular design for sleek, smooth and uncomplicated aesthetics on the G6. LG provided me with a preview unit – this is not the final device – but here are 6 things to know. 1 – The Screen! It takes […]

  • Price drops after you buy? This app helps you reclaim your cash

    Many of us look for the best price when we’re shopping for a product – but once we hit that buy button we rarely look back. Now a new app can help you reclaim the difference if the price drops after you purchase. It’s called Earny and it’s being developed by a small team of engineers in Santa Monica. It is backed by Science, the same firm that helped build the startups Dollar Shave Club (bought by Proctor and Gamble) and FameBit […]

  • How to put emergency contact info on your phone’s lock screen

    In an emergency, every second counts – here is how to put crucial contact information on your phone’s lock screen. The latest iPhone, Samsung and Android devices make it easy to put critical emergency contact information right on your phone’s lock screen. This way, first responders can access useful information about you or your family without having to unlock your phone first. Here’s how to do it. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Facebook or Twitter for cool apps, tech […]

  • YouTube to offer major broadcast networks with new subscription service

    YouTube is taking a step toward being a major player in the world of television programming. The company said it will be offering a new live TV service in the next few months. It will reportedly offer the four major broadcast networks, ESPN, regional sports networks, and several cable channels. But at $35 a month, well above streaming services like Netflix, is it worth the price tag? Tech expert Rich DeMuro has all the details you need to know about YouTube […]