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  • iOS 11 will make driving with your iPhone safer

    iOS 11 is set to arrive this Fall as a free software update for millions of iPhones. There are several new features that will make driving with your phone less distracting. Recently, tech expert Rich DeMuro got a sneak peek at these new features coming soon. The first is called “Do Not Disturb” while driving. This feature will automatically silence your phone notifications while you drive. Also, your screen will not light up for new messages. Anyone who texts you […]

  • Lyft looks to set itself apart from competition

    LOS ANGELES — With Uber making headlines for all the wrong reasons, Lyft is looking to set itself apart from its biggest rival. The two companies basically do the same thing – get people from point A to point B – but Lyft is using the opportunity to show off it’s lighter corporate culture. One of those ways is by building community hubs in various cities. Recently technology reporter Rich Demuro  visited their new hub in Los Angeles, which opened […]

  • New classes for kids and adults offered at Apple stores everywhere

    Free new classes at all 495 Apple stores worldwide can teach you how to master your iPhone, take better photos and more. A variety of new classes are being offered at Apple stores around the world. The initiative is called “Today at Apple” and features courses on coding, video editing, and even photo walks to perfect your camera skills. The best part – you can learn all of this for free. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Facebook or Twitter for cool apps, […]

  • Maven is reinventing the car rental, one hour at a time

    A new kind of car rental company called Maven is letting you rent fully-equipped cars by the hour, day or more – and everything is controlled from your phone. Renting a car from your phone isn’t necessarily new, but starting it from your phone is. Recently, I tried out a new, high-tech car rental service from a company called Maven. Everything about the process is handled from your phone – from locating and securing a car to unlocking it. Follow KTLA […]

  • High tech coffee mug keeps your drink at the perfect temperature

    A company called Ember makes a high tech heating mug that keeps your coffee at your perfect temperature the entire time you’re drinking it. Clay Alexander is a lively guy. The CEO of Ember Technologies lights up with enthusiasm when you ask him about his latest invention: a coffee mug that heats up. Ember’s first product is a connected coffee mug with a built in heating element, Bluetooth and enough sensors to run a small home. Pour some coffee in […]

  • Social Media expert offers tips for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

    Whether you are putting a small business online or hoping to build a personal brand, we talk to a social media expert who has some tips for navigating the top social media networks. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can provide an endless source of information and entertainment, but they can also be a great tool for building a small business or personal brand online. Recently I talked with social media expert Rebekah Radice for some tips on using these social media […]

  • Fans Escape Reality at Comic-Con San Diego 2017

    What started out as a Comic Book convention in the 1970’s has turned into a celebration of all things pop culture. San Diego – Every year, Comic-Con descends upon this city and virtually takes over all of downtown. Over 100,000 people come from all over the world to witness what seems to be one big celebration of our favorite characters, TV shows, movies and more. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Facebook or Twitter for cool apps, tech tricks & tips! There are lines, […]

  • A look at the future of virtual reality

    Virtual Reality content creators talk about the promises and reality of this emerging platform. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Facebook or Twitter for cool apps, tech tricks & tips! Virtual Reality holds big promises, but so far the new technology has been slow to catch on. Recently, I hosted a panel on Virtual Reality with three content creators to find out why. It was held at the Palm Springs Short Fest, the largest short film festival in North America. Sasha Samochina works at NASA’s Jet […]

  • Amazon’s new TV combines broadcast channels and streaming apps

    Amazon has a new TV that just might be a cord cutter’s dream – it combines over the air local channels and streaming apps in one interface. Amazon is known for its Fire TV devices, but now you can get that same streaming media experience in a full TV set without an additional box. It’s called an Amazon Fire TV Edition, and right now there are two models available – one from Westinghouse and another from Element. KTLA’s tech reporter […]

  • Tech Smart: Here’s Why Kids Love Toca Boca Apps

    If you have kids, you are probably familiar with the Toca Boca name. They make apps that kids love to play – here’s why. Toca Boca is quickly becoming a household name – especially if you have kids. The company has been creating kids apps since 2011 and they’ve been downloaded over 150 million times. They have names like Toca Life Farm,  Toca Hair Salon and Toca Town. They aren’t games, exactly, but open ended play. You explore what it’s like […]

  • CEO offers foolproof resume and cover letter advice

    A job search site CEO offered simple advice for job seekers on how to craft the perfect resume and cover letter. is a job search site that specializes in gigs that pay six figures. The membership based site helps connect people to jobs in all categories, including lucrative tech jobs. Rich DeMuro interviewed CEO Marc Cenedella about the current job market and he offered some excellent tips for job seekers. In fact, in more than 15 years of working, I’ve never […]

  • Tech summer camp teaches kids coding and cybersecurity

    At this summer camp, the bugs are virtual and there is no campfire to gather around. But you will find kids huddled around computer screens learning coding and cybersecurity. We recently visited one of the week-long CyberCamps, which are being held at corporate campuses nationwide. The camps were created to help get students interested in STEM careers, or those with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math. The camp we visited was being held at AT&T’s Southern California headquarters. […]