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  • YouTube creator shares her secrets to success

    YouTube creator Alejandra Ayala spent years hovering at just about 1,000 subscribers. She made a small change to her videos and now has over 1 million subscribers. Here’s what she did. Check out Styledbyale on YouTube!

  • Video doorbell pioneer Ring expands with more security options

    Surprisingly, Ring did not get a deal on Shark Tank. The year was 2013 and apparently, the world (or at least the Sharks) weren’t ready for a WiFi doorbell that captures video of visitors to your home. Several years later, Ring has now sold over 1 million of their flagship product, the Ring Video Doorbell. It’s so simple, it’s brilliant. A smart doorbell that lets you see and talk to anyone who approaches your front door. I met with founder […]

  • Here’s where you can get a brand new smartphone for under $50

    Amazon sells several smartphones at prices as low as $50 for Prime members – just be prepared to see some ads on your lock screen. Amazon has several super-cheap smartphone deals reserved for its Prime members. These phones come from big name brands and feature everything you need – but at a price that might be cheaper than repairing your cracked screen. Amazon calls them “Prime Exclusive Phones.” There are 5 in total, from names you’ve heard of like Motorola […]

  • Tech Report: Try these tools to find the best airfare deals

    Tried and true methods for finding the best airfare to the destination you want to go to plus a service that texts you alerts to incredible airfare deals. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Facebook or Twitter for cool apps, tech tricks & tips! Sometimes it feels like we spend more time searching for the perfect airfare deal than we do on our actual vacation. You don’t necessarily need to search around on various websites to find the best […]

  • New app can help manage your passwords

    A password management app makes your life easier since you sign up once and the app handles the tough task of creating complex passwords and storing them for you. You only need to remember your master password. When you visit a website, the app will fill in the appropriate login info for you. Rich’s Tip: If you use one of these apps be sure to also turn on Two Factor Authentication. This adds an extra layer of security. Say someone was […]

  • Cutting the cord easier than ever with live TV service

    Hulu recently unveiled its live TV service and Microsoft is making slick laptops for students. Rich DeMuro explains in Friday`s Tech Smart.  

  • Don’t fall for this tech support scam targeting PC users

    Two scams involving tech support and ransomware are currently targeting Windows users – here’s how to protect yourself. I’m getting a lot of emails about two scams currently targeting Windows PC users. The first involves pop-up ads or an incoming phone call that directs you to tech support. The second is malware that actually holds the data on your computer hostage until you pay up. Here’s how to avoid these scams and protect your PC. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich […]

  • Gadgets from IFA GPC 2017: Porsche Laptop, 3D Headphones & Frame TV

    On display at IFA GPC 2017: a high-end laptop from Porsche Design, headphones that record audio in 3D and a Samsung TV that doubles as a picture frame! More information: Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Surround Headset Porsche Design Book One Samsung The Frame TV

  • International Tech Trends Uncovered at IFA GPC 2017

    Journalists from around the world head to Lisbon, Portugal for IFA GPC 2017 to learn about the latest consumer tech stats and trends from a worldwide viewpoint. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Facebook or Twitter for cool apps, tech tricks & tips!

  • Review: Samsung gets it (Mostly) Right with the Galaxy S8

    I’ve been spending a lot of time with Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 smartphone. In fact, I shot my review of the phone in Lisbon, Portugal, where I was recently on assignment for a tech conference. The phone makes a great travel companion. For starters, the S8 is a beautiful mix of metal and glass with a screen like we’ve never seen before. For my review purposes, Samsung sent me two devices – the larger, S8+ with a 6.2-inch screen, and the smaller […]

  • Meditation app “Calm” can now read you to sleep with grown up bedtime stories

    The Calm app – known for helping people relax on a daily basis – has a new feature to help you fall asleep. We all know how important it is to wind down at the end of a busy day. If you have kids, you know that bedtime stories are a vital part of the process. Now an app which is known for helping you relax is helping you fall asleep, too. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Facebook […]

  • Gadgets to Know: Bluetooth speaker, 4K 360 cam & backup battery cable

    Check out cool gadgets including a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker, a 360 cam that shoots video in 4K resolution and a charging cable that doubles as a backup battery. Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Bluetooth Speaker, $99 Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM is a tiny speaker with big sound. Its predecessors including the UE Boom and UE Roll have been my favorites in years past. You’ll get good-looking speaker that’s easy to use and 360 degrees of sound – it gets loud! WONDERBOOM comes in […]