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Robert Townsend is an Emmy award-winning News Reporter, who joined the FOX 4 News team in January 2011.

The Mizzou alum and Saint Louis native is thrilled to be just down I-70 from his huge family and friends. During his fun time, Townsend loves running, tennis, reading, hanging out with his COOL, GOLDENDOODLE, "ROCKET, " and exploring all types of restaurants as often as he can. He also enjoys mentoring students.

Townsend's journalistic journey has taken him all over: from covering the military in Wichita Falls, Texas, to chasing down police officers and bad guys, not to mention a few car chases, in South Bend, Indiana. After spending several years in the bonechilling Hoosier state, Townsend had to thaw out, so he trekked to sunny Tampa, Fla., where he lived for more than five years.

Shortly thereafter, Townsend spent a year at an Atlanta television station before achieving a life-long dream of working as a journalist in his hometown of Saint Louis. Robert comes to FOX 4 from KMOV-TV 4 in Saint Louis.

The "ordained elder" has won many awards for his news coverage including an Emmy in 2007. In January, 2012, Robert received an "Outstanding News Coverage Award" for WDAF-FOX 4 afer his news stories on two trucks stolen from the SURPLUS EXCHANGE in Kansas City, helped recover the busness' vehicles just minutes after the stories aired.

Recent Articles
  • Man frightened after being shot at with a BB gun while driving on highway

    INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — An Independence man tells police someone shot him in the head and shot up his car as he drove down a busy metro highway. It was apparently a BB gun. Jeremy Couch says he was driving down 350 Highway heading towards Lee’s Summit when some guys suddenly shot out his car window. Right now, he’s scared. “My girlfriend’s pregnant in the passenger seat. I just said, ‘they’re shooting. Get down!’” Couch said. “It sounded like hail. It […]

  • Kansas City Chiefs weigh in on NFL’s domestic violence controversy

    KANSAS CITY, Mo.  — The Kansas City Chiefs’ camp is weighing in on the recent NFL controversy related to domestic violence. “I’m glad it’s being addressed and I think positive things can happen,” said Kansas City Chiefs’ Head Coach Andy Reid as he and some Chiefs players weigh in on the NFL’s currently tarnished image. The National Football League has recently come under fire after two of its star players made national headlines. In the last two weeks, Baltimore Ravens […]

  • Independence mother carjacked at gunpoint offers reward for criminals’ arrests

    INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Independence police say a mother was carjacked and robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight over the weekend. The victim, Melony McCaughey, 39, says it happened to her and her teenage son right outside their home. “Him coming back, him coming back. Luckily, I don’t live at that house,” she said, when asked about her worst fears. “They followed me to my house. It happened in my drive-way.” The victim is now putting up her own reward. On […]

  • FBI to investigate tasing incident involving 17-year-old Bryce Masters

    INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — As Bryce Masters, 17, of Independence remains in the hospital in critical condition, the FBI will begin reviewing the police tasing incident which took place moments before paramedics rushed the boy to the hospital. RELATED: Family says teen tased by officer remains in critical condition Investigators say Sunday afternoon Officer Tim Runnels says the teenager put up a struggle after the officer pulled him over during a traffic stop. Officer Runnels, who has been on the police […]

  • Kansas City neighbor fed up with stinky, trashy grease dumpster

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City North man turned to FOX 4 hoping to get some help to resolved the nasty problem. “It smells really bad and I am fed up with it,” says 71-year-old Bill Johnson. Johnson says the last five months he’s repeatedly called Kansas City’s 311 Action Center and complained about a smelly grease dumpster that’s behind his house near Northeast Vivion Road and North Antioch. “On top of all that grease that’s running into the alley and […]

  • Business manager confident that cameras will lead to crook’s arrest

    LEAVENWORTH, Kan. — Surveillance cameras caught a brazen, crowbar-carrying burglar on tape breaking into not one, but two Leavenworth businesses. Police believe there could be more. “It’s terrible, but it’s just… they’ll get him,” Charles Houseworth, business manager at Gerken Rent-All, said. Police believe one man recently broke into several businesses in Leavenworth. They tell FOX 4 in late August that a surveillance camera caught him busting out a window at Gerken Rent-All equipment store, and he got away with […]

  • KC disabled retiree beaten and robbed of rent money, cell phone and wallet

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A disabled, retired school bus driver is scared because he says just after three last Saturday afternoon someone snuck up behind him, beat him up and knocked him unconscious. “This person robbed me in broad daylight and the scary part about it is nobody came outside to my aid. They didn’t open their door or nothing,” said 58-year-old Gerald Nicks, who’s now afraid to walk down his street. The attack happened shortly after Mr. Nicks left Central Bank on Independence […]

  • Key witness to Woodbridge Lane homicides unexpectedly dies

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A key witness to Brandon Howell’s apparent violent and deadly crime rampage has died. He was a witness who told FOX 4 of the horror he saw the day several residents of his Woodbridge neighborhood were shot and killed. RELATED: Woodbridge Lane victims George and Ann Taylor pass after being taken off life support The sudden death of 79-year-old James “Jim” Anderson is also hitting a lot of people in the Woodbridge lane community extremely hard. “I […]

  • Jurors hear Overland Park mom’s frantic 911 call after son was shot

    OLATHE, Kan. — On Monday Melissa Ortiz told a Johnson County jury her sleeping little boy suddenly awoke, started screaming and jumped out of bed after getting shot in his shoulder on the night of September 30, 2013. “Somebody shot my son! Please, help me,” those chilling words are just part of the 911 call a crying Ortiz made on the night her then eight-year-old son, Micah Kimble, got shot. “Micah breathe. It’s okay, just breathe, calm down, ” Ortiz went […]

  • Man’s home in Sugar Creek marked ‘uninhabitable’ after police called out 36 times

    SUGAR CREEK, Mo. — A man living in Sugar Creek says he just wants to be left alone, while his neighbors say he’s a nuisance and have mounted numerous complaints against him. So far this year, police have been called 36 times to Dale Cooper’s house. Last month a judge found Cooper, 20, guilty of failing to appear in court on charges of peace disturbance and accumulation of rubbish. Police say they have received repeated complaints about loud disturbances at his […]

  • JCCC lockdown lifted after prolonged search for reportedly armed woman

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — A lockdown triggered by reports of a suspicious armed woman at Johnson County Community College on Thursday was lifted just after 7 p.m. The college says the threat is no longer considered credible and classes will go on as scheduled on Friday. The lockdown was ordered for five campus buildings at 3:40 p.m. and a full campus lockdown was ordered at 4:30 p.m. People were later released from campus buildings one-by-one and all cars leaving were searched by police. Though police […]

  • Columbia man charged with murder of 6 year old.  Murder in the first degree and Armed Criminal Action. Charges are from Callaway County and he is currently in custody in Pettis County.

    Man, 27, charged with murder of 6-yr-old Fulton boy he was babysitting

    FULTON, Mo. — A 27-year-old man was charged Thursday with first degree murder and armed criminal action in the shooting death of a 6-year-old family friend with whom he was living at a residence outside of Fulton, Mo., in Callaway County. Link: Willet’s girlfriend reacts to his arrest Police say Scottie Willet, formerly of Columbia and Sedalia, admitted to shooting the boy multiple times while Willet was babysitting him. The child’s mother had left for work at about 4 p.m. and […]