Shawn Edwards is an award-winning journalist for FOX 4 News in Kansas City, Missouri and one of the country’s leading African American film critics. Known for his sharp insight and considerable knowledge of the business side of the movie industry Edwards has quickly made a name for himself as a respected and trusted film critic. He has been quoted on more than 300 movies since he began reviewing movies for FOX in 2000.

Edwards’ reviews can be seen on the “Screening Room” which airs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday on Fox 4 News or at The nationally recognized film critic is also co-founder of the African American Film Critics Association and is creator of

He has written and produced three documentaries about black film: “We Make Movies Too: The 100 Best Black Movies (Ever),” “No Joke: The 50 Best Black Movie Comedies (Ever)” and “Our Heroes: The 25 Best Black Movies (Ever).” Edwards is currently working on his fourth documentary about black film “The Movies We Love: The 25 Most Romantic Black Movies (Ever)” which will premiere in the summer of 2010.

Edwards also produced “A Celebration of Black Film.” The well attended film event is a tribute to the historical contributions blacks have made to cinema. Edwards is also co-creator of the “Kansas City Urban Film Festival.” The festival showcases independent filmmaking by diverse filmmakers from around the world.

Edwards began his journalism career as an editor/writer for “The Pitch” in Kansas City, Missouri. He also freelanced for “Vibe,” “The Source” and “XXL” national music magazines. Where he wrote feature stories about music and movies.

Edwards has won numerous journalism awards. In 2009 he was honored by the Los Angeles Press Club and their National Entertainment Journalism Awards as the best film critic on television an award Edwards also received in 2008 along with his “Screening Room” partner Russ Simmons. Edwards was also recognized in the Best Feature for TV (“Chat with the Stars”) and Best Online Film Critic ( at this year’s National Entertainment Journalism Awards.

Edwards is currently writing a book on the history of black film and producing television shows for Black Entertainment Television in conjunction with FGW Productions which is based in Los Angeles, California.

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