Shannon is an Emmy Award winning reporter who joined FOX 4 in November 2013. She was born and raised in Kansas City and graduated from The Barstow School. She is thrilled to be working in Kansas City, telling the stories of the hometown she loves!

Shannon is always looking for stories that impact people in the Kansas City area. Email her at, or find her on Facebook and Twitter @ShannonOBTV

More about Shannon:
Shannon began her career as a Reporter at WHNS-TV in Greenville, SC, where she learned the ins and outs of reporting. From there, Shannon headed north to Cleveland, Ohio, where she was a reporter for WOIO-TV. While in Cleveland, Shannon developed her skills as an aggressive reporter covering breaking news, crime and court stories and investigative journalism. Some of her notable stories include the exclusive interview of the girlfriend of Cleveland serial killer Anthony Sowell. Shannon discovered the woman was the niece of Mayor Frank Jackson and lived in the home during the time period in which Sowell murdered 11 women and buried them in his yard and home. That interview was crucial to police in piecing together what happened in that home and convicting Sowell of the murders.

Shannon then continued east to Providence, R.I. where she was an anchor/reporter for WLNE-TV. As the weekend anchor, she also produced her show, which allowed her to master the art of putting together an entire newscast. As a reporter in Providence, Shannon broke many memorable stories, including obtaining the Pre-Sentence Report of Kimberly Fry. Fry killed her 8-year-old daughter because the child would not take a bath. She did not testify at trial, but after she was found guilty she gave details of what she says happened that night in this confidential report. Such a document had not been obtained by a Journalist since the sentencing of Former Mayor Buddy Cianci in 1986.

Shannon received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science from Marymount University in Arlington, Va. Going to college in the Washington, D.C. area fostered Shannon’s interest in politics and law, which has been instrumental in shaping her career as a Journalist.
Shannon is involved in many philanthropic organizations across the country, including the BOTAR organization in Kansas City. Her passions include cooking, music, the theatre, sports and most of all The Kansas City Chiefs! She enjoys spending time with her family, especially her 2 nieces Jordan and Teagan and her dog Daisy.

Recent Articles
  • Two people die in Kansas City house fire

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Fire Department put out a fire on Monday afternoon at a home in the 400 block of Colorado Avenue, and reports that two people died. The home is located a couple of blocks south of Budd Park. The fire department confirmed the two deaths, but details about how the fire started weren’t immediately released. Firefighters went to the scene at about 3:30 p.m. Investigators told FOX 4’s Shannon O’Brien that a man and woman […]

  • Pizza delivery vehicle hits 8-year-old girl while two parties take place on street

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A little girl struck by a pizza delivery vehicle Sunday remains in a hospital. Police are investigating after a little girl sustained serious injuries when she was hit by a pizza delivery vehicle on Sunday. Officers responded to the scene after an 8-year-old girl was struck by a pizza delivery vehicle on Fuller Avenue near 7th Street around 7 p.m. Until that moment, Fuller Avenue was party central Sunday evening. “We were having a double birthday […]

  • Family focused on good memories of twins after their tragic drowning in Platte County pond

    EDGERTON, Mo. — Three-year-old twins Elijah and Arabelle Wagner drowned in a pond behind their family home Monday, despite childproofing measures taken by the family to avoid this sort of tragedy. Now, the Wagner family is trying to deal with what they describe as unbearable grief as they remember the twins who brought so much joy into their lives. “Nothing but memories, memories, memories,” said the twins’ grandfather, Gary Wagner, about what he has been focusing on since their death. […]

  • Raytown middle school student tells police an eighth grader sexually assaulted her in a school bathroom

    RAYTOWN, Mo. — Police in Raytown are investigating after a middle school student reported that she was sexually assaulted while at school Tuesday. The Raytown Police Department said they were notified of the alleged incident at 6:20 p.m. Wednesday. According to the report, the sexual assault occurred at Raytown Central Middle School. Police say an eighth-grade male sexually assaulted a 13-year-old female student in a bathroom. Sexual assault covers a wide array of possible incidents. A public information officer with the Raytown […]

  • CityPlace developer sets up relief fund for victims of Overland Park fire

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Two days after a massive fire claimed a large scale development project and several nearby homes, we’re hearing from one of the developers behind the project. Ken Block appeared sincere and visibly shaken about what he called, “a tragedy.” He gave FOX 4’s Shannon O’Brien an emotional interview as he described standing in a field looking out upon the raging inferno Monday, as he watched his development burn and catch on to the neighborhood nearby. “The […]

  • Investigators say Overland Park fire was caused by an accident, not arson

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. –- Fire officials say an accident caused a massive fire that began Monday afternoon at the construction site for City Place apartments and spread to a nearby neighborhood. BREAKING: Cause of #CityPlaceFire accidental. Welding work ignited wood material. NOT arson. Per @OPFDMedia — John Holt (@JohnHoltNews) March 21, 2017 FOX 4 uncovered evidence on Tuesday that we believe shows how the fire started. These pictures may mark the moment the fire started and reveal the cause of […]

  • Surveillance pictures show figure at Overland Park construction site just before fire

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Two photos taken from surveillance footage at the CityPlace apartment complex Monday afternoon are circulating online and raising questions about the cause of Monday’s devastating fire that completely destroyed one apartment complex and caused extensive damage to another, and resulted in 25 surrounding homes suffering fire damage. At least eight homes were a total loss. The photos appeared on the website of a company called OxBlue, a surveillance security service that focuses exclusively on monitoring construction sites. […]

  • Overland Park Fire Dept. answers the ‘What happened?” and ‘What now?’ questions

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. —  The day after the eight-alarm fire at the multimillion-dollar CityPlace development in Overland Park, Kansas, firefighters are reflecting on the battle they faced and the losses suffered by the people they protect. The apartment complex under construction at CityPlace was the first to go up into flames on Monday at about 3:30 p.m. Then the intense heat caused neighboring homes to catch fire. Once one roof caught fire, embers jumped from roof to roof, spreading the […]

  • Three-year-old brother and sister twins drown in pond behind Platte County home

    EDGERTON, Mo — Three-year-old twins are dead after wandering into a lake next to the home they lived in with their father and grandparents. A spokesperson for the Platte County Sheriff’s Department says they received a 911 call just after 10 Monday morning from the father of Arrabelle and Elijah Wagner. He said when he woke up, the three-year-old twins were gone. When EMS and the Fire Department arrived, Arrabelle had already been recovered from the water and was receiving […]

  • Kids have some hilarious answers when asked who St. Patrick actually was

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — What a day it was for the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Friday. Warm temperatures and sunshine made the parade a huge success as revelers decked out in green kept the party going in Westport. FOX 4’s Shannon O’Brien hit the streets to talk to some of those revelers to see if they really knew what the day is all about. Thousands of people lined Broadway in Midtown for the 45th St. Patrick’s Day Parade to see the […]

  • Kan. Supreme Court hears case on law banning 2nd trimester abortion procedure

    TOPEKA, Kan. — In 2015, the Kansas legislature passed a law banning certain procedures in late term abortions. Two Shawnee, Kan. doctors say that law in unconstitutional and their fight has taken the case all the way to the Kansas Supreme Court. A Shawnee county judge blocked the law, so it’s never been enforced. A divided Court of Appeals landed the case in the state’s highest court. “D&E abortion is safe, and often times — 95 percent of the time […]

  • Former Lee’s Summit Chinese teacher accused of having sexual relationship with student

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A Chinese teacher finds himself behind bars instead of inside of a high school classroom. Zhiyang Ji taught at Lee’s Summit North, but is in jail Wednesday night, facing charges of having a sexual relationship with a student. Ji is the only Chinese teacher at the Lee’s Summit School District. He is 25, and his alleged victim is younger than 17. Police say what started out as a tutoring situation quickly became inappropriate, and a crime. […]