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  • Photos: Faces of Meth

    Dramatic depictions of the effects that meth has on the body. (Credit: Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office)

  • Awkward Family Pet Photos

    Here are some of the worst family pet portraits from Awkward Family Pet Photos, a website that celebrates when the family pet portrait goes so bad it’s good. Want more? Awkward Family Pet Photos is due out in paperback in November.

  • OAO test – VAST adset8

  • OAO Test – DFP adset7

  • OAO test – VAST adset6

  • Hot Tablets for the Holidays

    There are so many tablets to choose from this holiday season, so we’re helping you pick out the one thats just right. I headed to Best Buy to sort through your options and explain what makes each tablet different. I can guarantee you that 95% of these people walking through those doors are looking for a tablet for the holidays. There are so many to choose from, which one do you get? Let’s find out. So are a lot of […]

  • 2011’s Top 20 Holiday Toys

    Here are the top 20 toys for the 2011 holiday season, as stated by WalMart.com.

  • Photo Gallery – Cardinals ‘Rally Squirrel’

    Cardinals fans have been very creative in their affection for the rally squirrel. Here are some of the images they are sharing in support of the St. Louis Cardinals in the baseball post-season.

  • 2012 Presidential Race; Who is on top?

    Former corporate executive Herman Cain has catapulted to the lead in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

  • Parents Frustrated by Loss of KCMSD Accreditation

    Parents are speaking out about the loss of the Kansas City Missouri School District's accreditation

  • Baseball Video from TONS to Ooyala

    This is a test post of video that has been sent from TONS lite to Ooyala via FTP + XML.

  • Family Finds Uncle’s Ashes in Funeral Home Basement

    J.B. Greer of Kansas City, Missouri, died several years ago. He was estranged from his family in Sedalia, who didn’t know what ever became of him. Now, they know what happened to his remains – stacked on a shelf in a Kansas City funeral home recently shut down by the state after another family complained about getting the wrong ashes. Greer’s ashes were among over 200 boxes of ashes stashed in the basement of Marts Memorial Funeral Home discovered when […]