• Doctors say man with fever at KU Hospital has a low risk for Ebola, but are awaiting test results

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Doctors at The University of Kansas Hospital are caring for a patient they said could have the Ebola virus, but also stated it’s a very low risk. The patient, who hospital staff said is a man in his 30’s from the metro, was in isolation Friday night while waiting for test results […]

  • Parents disturbed to witness how easy it is for kids to fall victim to stranger danger

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A viral video featuring children willingly leaving a park with a man they don’t know has parents worried. How do you get your kids to follow through with your stranger dangers lessons? “Oh my gosh,” said Sue Hendon after watching the video, who was at Loose Park with her granddaughter, “I was […]

  • (Credit: Riley Vasquez)

    Delta pilot orders pizza for delayed flight stuck on tarmac

    PHILADELPHIA — Diverted because of bad weather in Atlanta, a Delta Air Lines pilot and airport crew turned to the classic solution for many grumpy passengers: pizza. As torrential rains swept through Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon, some flights were delayed arriving at the world’s busiest airport — and Delta’s home base. A 2 p.m. Delta […]

  • Overlooked tip about sighting of James Horn Jr. may have prolonged search for him

    GREEN RIDGE, Mo. — A Pettis County Sheriff’s Department mistake may have caused the manhunt for James Horn Jr. to last longer than it should have. In the days following the murders of Sandra Sutton and her son Zachary, hundreds of tips came in to law enforcement, reporting possible sightings of suspect Horn. One call […]


    ‘It was a pain I have never felt before,’ doctors warn about using wire-bristled grill brushes

    MERIDEN, Conn. — Doctors are warning of the dangers of improperly cleaning your grill as we head into backyard BBQ season. Two weeks ago, doctors in Connecticut performed emergency surgery on 52-year-old Cheryl Harrison after she got a metal bristle stuck in her lower intestine. “It must have been positioned in that burger just perfect. […]

  • Riley B. King, the legendary guitarist known as B.B. King, whose velvety voice and staccato picking style brought blues from the margins to the mainstream, died Thursday night, May 14, 2015, his daughter said. He was 89. King was admitted to a Las Vegas hospital earlier in May, 2015 after suffering from dehydration, his daughter, Patty King said. His dehydration was caused by Type II diabetes.

Photo: B.B. King performs at The White House on February 22, 2012, for President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama during Black History Month. (photo courtesy of CNN)

    B.B. King’s daughters claim he was poisoned

    (CNN) — Two of B.B. King’s daughters are alleging that the blues legend was poisoned to death by his closest associates. But the coroner says preliminary autopsy results don’t support that contention. King’s daughters, Patty King and Karen Williams, made the accusations in separate, but identically worded, affidavits filed over the weekend. “I believe my […]

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    Joe’s Weather Blog: The Rain Will End…Right? (SUN-5/24)

    Good afternoon…we’re still awfully damp in the metro…off to the east of KC a Tornado Watch has been issued till 8PM tonight…this does NOT include the KC area. Basically it’s out towards central and NE MO. Forecast: Rest of this afternoon: Scattered showers, mostly light, continue in the area. There is the potential of seeing […]

  • A spectacled caiman, Caiman crocodilus, at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo.

    City says caiman crocodiles that have lived in KCMO for many years must leave

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City authorities said Friday that the animal sanctuary at a home off 50th and Euclid, where caiman crocodiles and other exotic animals live, will have to close and the animals moved to a new home. Then, shortly after the city released that information, they sent out an email that they […]

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    Men lagging behind women in sun protection

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — The sunshine sure boosted spirits on Thursday, but were you wearing any sunscreen? A new survey finds most Americans still don’t use it regularly. Men are much less likely than women to use it. “I have a great parrot hat. Very colorful,” said Clem Bartnett, a school crossing guard, as he […]

  • Revocation Reality: Simply suspending a driver’s license isn’t always enough

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Mike Trenolone at least remembers parts of the violent crash, but not the moment. “I do not remember the actual impact,” he said. He pulled out after stopping at 55th and Raytown Road, a four-way stop, and never saw her coming. His next recollection after being T-boned by the hit-and-run driver: […]

  • KCMO police find 3 Caimans in backyard of home

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Three Caimans were found the in the backyard of a KCMO home Tuesday night, according to a tweet from Police Chief Darryl Forte. The home is in the 4900 block of Euclid. Chief Forte described the reptiles as ranging in length from three to six feet. A resident of the neighborhood where […]

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    Racial slur points to White House in Google Maps, sets off social media firestorm

    A problem with Google Maps is creating a social media firestorm. Typing a racial slur in the search bar takes you right to the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. HuffPost Politics was one of several outlets to note the glitch, which involves the phrase “n**** house.” A Twitter user named Bomani Buckhalter posted an […]