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    How to view Google’s awesome Star Wars Easter egg

    NEW YORK — Google “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away,” and you’ll see one of the better jokes that Google has hidden in its search code. Instead of the usual Google list of blue-fonted links against a sterile white background, the search term from the famous opening movie line summons a […]

  • (FILE PHOTO) A 2010 Ford Fusion is shown in this photo, provided by Ford Motor Company.

    Ford recalls half a million vehicles over potential fuel tank issue

    NEW YORK — Ford is recalling nearly half a million vehicles over a potential fuel tank issue. The 451,865 affected vehicles include 2010 and 2011 models of Ford Fusions and Mercury Milans made and sold in North America, according to a company statement. Some of those cars may have a defective canister purge valve that […]

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    6 Thanksgiving foods that can be dangerous for your pets

    While enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, it’s tough not to share table scraps with our adorable four-footed family members. But some traditional Thanksgiving dishes can be dangerous for dogs and cats. Veterinarian Eva Evans from Pets Best provided a list of foods to avoid giving your pet this holiday: Ham: Pork products can result in vomiting, diarrhea and even pancreatitis, […]

  • A young Indianapolis mom died on November 10, following a gunshot wound stemming from a home invasion. The woman, identified as Amanda Blackburn, was the wife of Resonate Church pastor Davey Blackburn.

    Pastor says he picks ‘love, not hate’ after teen’s arrest in pregnant wife’s murder

    (CNN) — Indianapolis police arrested a teen and a 21-year-old Monday in the murder of Amanda Blackburn, a pregnant mother and wife of a preacher who was shot and killed in a home invasion, authorities said. Larry Taylor, 18, of Indianapolis was initially charged with murder in the shooting, Sgt. Kendale Adams of the Indianapolis […]

  • Gunmen hold 170 hostage at Radisson Blu Hotel in Mali; 3 deaths reported

    Deadly Mali hotel attack: ‘They were shooting at anything that moved’

    Heavily armed gunmen on Friday fired indiscriminately at guests at a hotel hosting diplomats and others in Mali’s capital, the maître d’ told CNN. At least 21 people were killed in the attack in which an al Qaeda-affiliated group is taking partial responsibility. “These people started shooting. They were shooting at everybody without asking a […]

  • Genetically engineered salmon are the first such animal approved for consumption

The FDA first held a hearing on this salmon in 2010

    FDA approves first genetically engineered animal intended for food

    Genetically engineered salmon, called “Frankenfish” by some, won FDA approval Thursday. AquaAdvantage salmon, produced by AquaBounty, are genetically modified to grow faster than farm-raised Atlantic salmon so they can get to consumers faster. This is the first approval of a genetically engineered animal intended for food. “The FDA has thoroughly analyzed and evaluated the data […]

  • Fox 4 Toy Test: The verdict is in

    Fox 4 Toy Test: The verdict is in

    GARDNER, Kan. — What will be 2015’s hottest toy for the holidays? FOX 4 put a variety of toys to the test and to find out which ones local kids like the best. Watch the video above for the results.

  • Gunfire and explosions shook the northern Paris suburb of Saint-Denis early Wednesday as heavily armed police stormed a building where suspects linked to Friday's deadly terrorist attacks were believed to be holed up. Police blocked off roads before dawn Wednesday and told residents to stay inside in Saint-Denis, a diverse, working-class area that is home to the Stade de France sports arena where three suicide bombings took place Friday. The situation developed quickly over many hours, but by late morning in Paris, the French government said the siege was over.

    Paris death toll from the attacks rises to 130

    (CNN) — Three people are now known to have died in the police raid Wednesday on the hideout of suspects in last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris, the Paris prosecutor’s office said, following the discovery at the site of the body of an unidentified woman. And a key suspect remained at large Friday as EU […]

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    Blue Springs woman benefiting from revolution in cancer therapy

    WESTWOOD, Kan. — Doctors call it a revolution in fighting and possibly curing cancer. Immunotherapy uses the body’s own immune system. A Blue Springs woman is among those seeing promising results. Heloise Gray’s hope of winning her war on cancer is in the bag. “I come in every other day for them to switch out […]

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    Joe’s Weather Blog: Tic-toc…tic-toc (THU-11/19)

    A reminder that the FOX 4 Winter Forecast will be issued on Wednesday night during the evening…as usual a pre-release will be done on the weather blog that day in case you won’t be watching TV that night (since Thanksgiving is the next day). Although we’re going to have some big changes to our weather […]

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    Ignored concerns over discrimination issues lead to calls for KU student leaders to step down

    LAWRENCE, Kan. — Some of the University of Missouri’s campus unrest over race issues has spread. Concerns over the way campus discrimination is being addressed at the University of Kansas has some students calling for three members of the student senate to step down. Students took the issue up Wednesday night at their regularly scheduled senate meeting. […]

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    Mayor James unveils KC Citizen Task Force on Violence

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Fed up with crime and violence, Kansas City’s mayor has decided to do something about it. Mayor Sly James announced the creation of a Citizen Task Force on Violence on Wednesday. Homicides are up this year in Kansas City, but Mayor James says it’s not the number, which now stands at 90 […]