Police Scour Landfill In Baby Lisa Search

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Four days into the search for missing 10-month-old Northland child Lisa Irwin, authorities say that they still have no solid leads in finding out where she is and what happened to her despite several new twists and turns in the case.

According to Deborah Bradley, the child's mother, Lisa Irwin was last seen in her crib in her home in the 3600 block of North Lister around 10:30 p.m. on Monday night. Bradley says that when Lisa's father, Jeremy Irwin, came home from work around 4:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning, he went into her room to check on her and she wasn't in her crib. They say that they searched the home, and then called 9-1-1.

On Friday, conflicting reports continued from Kansas City Missouri Police and the family one day after police say the parents had stopped cooperating with investigators. Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin said repeatedly on Friday that they have been, and will continue to, cooperate with police, but police say that hasn't been the case.

"Our door is wide open, and as I've said a bunch the main goal is to try and find this child, and the parents being heavily involved in the investigation is proabably our best way to make that happen," said KCPD Capt. Steve Young.

On Friday afternoon, Kansas City Police Capt. Steve Young said they have not had contact with the parents since Thursday's announcement.

Retired FBI Agent Jeff Lanza said the parents' definition of cooperation is probably different than police's.

"Police's definition of cooperation is to answer any questions that we post to you even if it focuses on you," Lanza said. "The couple's definition is, 'well, we'll cooperate, but not if it's focused on us."

In addition, on Friday it was revealed by Bradley that she was told that she failed a police polygraph test. Lanza said failing a polygraph test doesn't mean someone is guilty.

"If you've registered some deception, that's an indicator that you're not telling the truth," Lanza said. "However, it doesn't mean you're guilty. It's just an indication that you're deceptive about a particular question or questions on the polygraph exam."

Neighbor Vickie Nichols told FOX 4 that failing a polygraph exam doesn't mean much to her.

"Personally, I've never had one, and I've never had any reason to do one, but I would think just being nervous would kind of, if I was being bombarded with questions and everything it would make me nervous. I might even fail one," said Nichols.

On Friday, police and FBI agents searched a Johnson County, Kansas, landfill after investigating a dumpster fire reported at an apartment complexnear the Irwin home on the night Lisa Irwin disappeared.

Tom Coffman of Deffenbaugh Industries says authorities told him that they were looking specifically for a body. There have been no reports that investigators found anything helpful to the case at the landfill.

In addition to the landfill search, investigators from the FBI Evidence Response Team began searching the neighborhood around the Irwin home with metal detectors and by hand. There is no word on what investigators are looking for, specifically.

"I wondered why they're using a metal detector. She must have had earings on is all I can figure, so I just pray that they'll find her," said neighbor Barbara Harper.

"They stopped both my son and my daughter-in-law when they left the neighborhood and everything. They're just concerned about this little baby. Everybody in this neighborhood is," said neighbor Denise Worth.

Over the now-four day search for the child, investigators have scoured the neighborhood, as well as a nearby wooded area and storm drains.

Lisa is described as white, with blond hair and blue eyes, about 30 inches tall and weighing 26-30 pounds. Her family says that she has two bottom teeth, a small bug bite under her left ear, a beauty mark on her right outer thigh and currently has a cold with a cough.

The family says that she was last seen wearing purple shorts and a purple shirt with white kittens on it.

If you have any information on the girl's whereabouts call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

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