Irwin Parents Leave Home with Local Defense Attorney Joe Tacopina

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Joe Tacopina and Bill Stanton appear on Fox and Friends

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Lisa Irwin’s parents left their home with a woman in a government vehicle Tuesday, after the woman met with them for a couple hours.

That meeting happening about noon at the house on North Walrond where Lisa’s parents have been staying. They left without speaking with the media.

Meanwhile, baby Lisa Irwin has now been missing for 15 days. FBI agents searched again with some dogs in a wooded area off North Brighton Avenue and 34th Terrace. They said they were not acting on any one specific tip.

The lawyer hired to represent baby Lisa’s parents, Joe Tacopina, says he believes Lisa Irwin is still alive. He says the parents are being cooperative, despite a Kansas City Police statement that the parents’ “level of cooperation hasn’t been what it needs to be do help find Lisa.”

Tacopina returned to New York Monday night after his news conference with the parents. He appeared on Fox and Friends Tuesday morning on the FOX News channel, along with consultant “Wild Bill” Stanton.

Tacopina says Deborah Bradley shows she is honest by admitting she was drunk the night Lisa disappeared.

Both Tacopina and Stanton are being paid by an anonymous person, who they say has a connection to the family.

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