Police Seek Credit Card Scammer

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Police said the suspect is a tall, dark skinned, black man who may be using a Nigerian passport.

A Lee’s Summit investigation is underway as police try to catch a credit card scammer.

Police said the suspect is a tall, dark skinned, black man. He may be using a Nigerian passport and could speak with a foreign accent. His getaway car is a white sedan with no front license plate.

“The pattern that we’ve seen so far is he’s traditionally hit drug stores and grocery stores here in town. When he does make those purchases, he’ll buy a small item along with a gift card – a $300 to $400 gift card,” said Sgt. Chris Depue with the Lee’s Summit Police Dept.

Depue said like other credit card scams, the man is charging hundreds to thousands of dollars on victims’ accounts. However, the sergeant said this case is unique in one specific way.

“All six or seven of our victims never lost physical control of their cards,” said Depue. “It wasn’t stolen, it wasn’t lost. They physically had possession of their card the entire time. Some how the account was compromised and now a new card has been cloned off that account and is being used.”

To the tune of more than $6000. Police believe he’s able to get victim’s credit card information with the use of a skimmer.

“A hacker can go to an ATM that’s maybe located a little out of the way and physically place the hardware over the card slot,” said Depue. “When you use your card it looks like a normal transaction but what you’ve actually done is slid your card through that skimmer which has pulled off your numbers. Then he comes back, removes the device and he’s captured all those pin numbers and account numbers.”

If he continues, is caught and convicted, it could be federal case. Right now the criminal is facing state felony charges.

If you’ve seen the man in the surveillance photos or the vehicle he’s been traveling in, you’re urged to contact authorities immediately.

You can see more photos of the suspect on Lee’s Summit’s Criminal Investigation Unit’s Facebook page. Call the TIPS Hotline with information at: 816-969-1752.

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