Young Girl Survives Being Pinned by Car

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A fifth grader from Centerview, Missouri is telling an amazing story of survival. One minute she was standing inside her favorite convenience store just outside Warrensburg. Within seconds, she was literally leaping for her life. Shelby Dines says her life changed in an instant.

On September 28, Dines went to the store but little did she know how her life would change.

“I had the money in my hand,” said Shelby Dines.

The 10-year-old stood at the check-out counter and waited patiently to buy an air mattress when something happened out of the blue.

“It scared me and so I hurried up and turned around,” Dines said. “I thought something blew up.”

NothingĀ  blew up, but a 1995 black Mustang did blast through the store’s side wall.

“I heard it come through,” she said. “I saw two of the shelves fall over.”

Investigators say somehow the driverless care came loose from a trailer being towed behind a pickup truck.

“I saw the black car coming through and I literally had a tenth of a second,” Dines said.

Incredibly in that time, she managed to leap into the air and almost completely out of the way. Her left foot got caught between the car’s hood and grill. She was pinned against the check out counter and bleeding heavily as emergency workers tried to rescue her.

“The hood is what caught me on my foot and went 70 percent through my foot and ankle,” she said. “I was conscious the whole time. I got very tired and I wanted to pass out. I couldn’t. My body wouldn’t let me. It scared me too much.”

Paramedics flew Shelby to Children’s Mercy Hospital where she has undergone five surgeries on her foot.

“It hurts where the screws go into my leg,” she said. “My whole foot hurts.”

Her dad tears up when he thinks about how much worse it could’ve been. His daughter is convinced two years of martial arts saved her life.

“That’s what everyone believes including me,” she said. “That is what gave me the instinct to jump.”

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