Tenants at Raytown Complex Face Life with No Water

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A $21,000 water bill has the city of Raytown threatening to turn off the tap. About 80 families at the Amber Glen Apartment Complex say it would be unfair to them because they paid their rent. The owner told FOX 4 from his home in St. Louis that he was making a payment plan and doesn't understand why the city is suddenly playing hardball.

Leasing agents from a rival complex are leaving flyers on every car windsheld at Amber Glen Apartments. The tenants are happy to see them.

"I moved here less than a year ago, and I have been going through so much since I've been here," said    "Two weeks ago we got our gas cut off we didn't have gas, we didn't have hot water."

The City of Raytown has sent every tenant a letter stating the city may be forced to shut off water services because the owner owes a balance of nearly $21,000.

"I'm frustrated with whoever owns the property," said Marla Ivy.

She moved in with her sister and their kids in September.

"We use water for preparing our meals and things," Ivy said. "If we don't have water, then how I'm going to prepare meals for my babies?"

Tenants like Karen Painter say they know why the owner hasn't paid up.

"He had a manager that was embezzling money, it's put him behind," Painter said.

The owner of Amber Glen confirmed that information with FOX 4. He says he fired the old manager, repaved the parking lot and fixed the swimming pool. He has also tried to play catch up on the water bill.

"I can tell you the bills have not been paid, he has not lived up to his commitment," said Mayor David Bower.
Raytown Mayor David Bower says the payment plan has dried up.

"It's absolutely not what we want," the mayor said. "We want the tenants to be comfortable. We want them to stay in the city of Raytown but we also want people to be paying their bill as everybody is expected to do."

But, tenants are listening to rival complexes pitches.

The complex owner sent the city a new offer to pay off what he owes over the nex six months. The mayor says his legal department is considering it.

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