Couple Gets Chiefs Surprise for Honeymoon

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Newlyweds typically run away to an island resort after their wedding for a romantic honeymoon.  The idea of romance for Jamey and Shelly Griggs, however, is to take in a Chiefs game on Halloween, and they did it in a big way.

Shelly and Jamey have been together for four and a half years.  The two "made it official" on Friday in Excelsior Springs. They had a small ceremony with a reception including fifty or so family and friends.  Shelly says that was her day in the sun. Her groom's day would be Monday, October 31st, their honeymoon. It was a surprise.

"Fifty people at our reception, none of them would say a word, and they all knew," Jamey says about his wife's secret to surprise him.

Jamey knew he was going to a Chiefs game for his honeymoon.  He didn't know Shelly planned to get him an all access pass to Arrowhead Stadium, including a chance to meet some of his favorite former players.  Jamey's been watching the Chiefs since he was a child.  His two sisters were some of the first cheerleaders for the team.

Jamey is in awe.

"Oh, this is a dream come true. This is just amazing," he says.

Shelly Griggs says before they were married, Jamey helped her care for her parents who were both ill and later died.  This is her way of thanking him.

"He didn't have to be there, and he was. And it was a blessing," Shelly beams.

While Jamey walks around the stadium in awe of the Hall of Fame, the Club Level, and all of the former players he's able to meet along the way, very few people make him smile like Curley Culp.

"Oh my gosh. That was awesome. I got Curley Culp's autograph," Jamey exclaims after shaking the former player's hand.

Shelly smiles too, happy to see her groom so excited.  It's already been a perfect honeymoon, even before the game begins.

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