Closings Instructions

If you have an ID already set up with FOX 4, here are your options when you phone in your automatic closing:

  • Call 816-932-9250.
  • When you are asked for your status ID, you must hit the # key after you’ve entered your ID
  • Then choose from these status options:

1…Closed (Automatically expires at 11 a.m.)
2… Starts 1 Hour Late
3… Starts 90 Minutes Late
4… Starts 2 Hours Late
5… No Noon Classes (Automatically expires at 1 p.m.)
6… Dismissing Early (Automatically expires at 1 p.m.)
7…No Evening Classes (Automatically expires at 7 p.m.)
8…No Evening Activities (Automatically expires at 7 p.m.)
9…No Evening Services (Automatically expires at 7 p.m.)
10…Essential Personnel Only
11. Administrative Personnel Only
12…No Meal Delivery (Automatically expires at 1 p.m.)
13…No Trash Pickup (Automatically expires at 5 p.m.)
14. No Day or Evening Classes (Automatically expires at 7 p.m.)
15…Day Classes Canceled (Automatically expires at 4:30 p.m.)
16…Canceled (Automatically expires at 7 p.m.)
17. No Daytime Services (Automatically expires at 12 p.m.)
18…Buses Run 1 Hour Late (Automatically expires at 9 a.m.)
20…No Day or Evening Services (Automatically expires at 7 p.m.)
22…No Afternoon Classes (Automatically expires at 6 p.m.)
23…Closed Tomorrow (Automatically expires at Midnight)
24…Canceled Tomorrow (Automatically expires at Midnight)
25…Buses on Snow Routes (Automatically expires at 9 a.m.)
26….Dismissing at Noon (Automatically expires at 12:15 p.m.)

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