17 people dead after duck boat sinks at Table Rock Lake

Warrant Reveals Horrible Conditions in Elder Abuse Death

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Newly released court documents reveal how horrible living conditions were for a 75-year-old stroke victim. Emergency responders were called to the home of Carol Brown at the end of October.

A fire captain describes walking into the home and finding "a rotting corpse that was still breathing." Rescue crews had to pry Brown from her recliner because her legs were fused to the chair. Court documents reveal she was sitting in her own bodily fluids and waste and had maggots inside an ankle wound.

"There were sores on her back the size of a male's, a man's fist," said Brown's daughter, Laura Sanders.

Sanders told FOX 4 that her brother, James Owens had been caring for their mom for the last two years. Read that story here.

"Knowing that she died and it may have been prevented?" Sanders said. "I'm so far passed crying. I am just real mad!  I'm beyond mad!"

Owens has not been charged. Police are waiting autopsy results before sending the case to prosecutors. According to court records, Owens told a state senior services investigator he didn't help his mother use a bathroom because he was honoring her wishes to die in her home.

Lynne Serrano runs the Catholic Charities In-Home Services Program. She says she gets calls every week from children or grand children who are taking care of an aging family member.

"Caring for that person because of their increased physical demands and emotional difficulties, it becomes overwhelming at times and they do need help," Serrano said.

She says this case is heart breaking because there are many community resources that can step in and help relieve the burden on the family caregiver.

"It's the loving kind thing for the family member to try and want to grant the wish to remain in their own home but it can be an overwhelming situation," she said.

As for Carol Brown, the woman described by emergency responders as a "rotting corpse still breathing", court records indicate she survived on a diet of chicken noodle and tomato soup.

How can you tell if you're overly stressed or burned out from caring for a loved one? Click here. For more information about how to know if your loved one needs care., visit the Legacy Care Tip Sheet.

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  • hardball123

    My father Ivan J. Fail passed in this Facility on December 21, 2005. He was the victim of Elder Abuse and foul play and died under suspicious circumstances at the Prairie Mission Retirement Village, in the opinion of the author based on conduct of the parties and other factors. The Director Jane O’Brian would not allow me to see of talk with my father. She was erroneously acting under the HIPPA law and a “No Contact Order” issued by my sister June Fail Dedeke who falsely alleged phone harassment. June Fail Dedeke had manipulated my father under duress and fraud into signing a “Transfer on Death Deed” to land that both of my parents wanted me and my children to receive. She had placed the names of her daughter Tonia Dedeke Nelson and her son in law, Leavenworth Lawyer Gary A. Nelson’s names on the deed. When my sister June Fail Dedeke learned that I had discovered the deed she rushed my father to Prairie Mission Retirement Village, issued the “No Contact Order”, my father passed before I could get to him and she had him in the ground in 48 hours. They got my land. Jane O’Brian, Prairie Mission Retirement Village and their lawyer Richard Hines were completely uncooperative in the investigation and in assisting me in seeing or talking with my father before he passed. I lost over $850,000 in Land and Mineral Rights. My sister, my two brothers and the Nelson’s have ignored me since then. Read more at http://www.failvfail.com Contact 800-722-9529. Larry Fail.