17 people dead after duck boat capsizes at Table Rock Lake

One Storm And A “Super” Storm

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The new morning visible satellite image is to the right side…notice what the storm has left over…look fast because it will be melting fast over the next 6 hours or so!

The storm that has given us a solid 2-3″ of rain and for many up I-29 and I-35 a dusting to close to 3″ of snow on the grass up towards Maryville is now moving away and as I expected skies are rapidly clearing out and while the winds will be busy today and it will be cool, overall it should be a decent day with highs near 50. It certainly was an impressive storm, from a rainfall standpoint. By The way…KCI and St Joe each did pick up a trace of snowfall.

The storm now is moving through IL and is still producing some backside snowfall, at times moderate stretching from Central WI into E IA. As this storm pulls away it looks like we’ll get a chance to dry out for the next 5 days without any chances for rainfall till Monday/Tuesday of next week. Also after a chilly day tomorrow, temperatures will quickly start to moderate on FRI with highs 60-65 and we should be in great shape over the weekend with highs well into the 60s, if not 70s. The next rain, will not nearly be as significant, as what we have had over the last couple of events. Our monthly total is now up to almost 4″…not bad for the 1st 10 days of the month. Back in October I did some statistical research into dry Sept-Oct combinations, there have been a few, and for most cases NOV was also a dry month…however I could see that things were going to be much more active and that that wouldn’t be the case this time around and that, so far, is proving true.

So as we wave goodbye to one storm, there is another that is fascinating. This part of the country is used to powerful storms, but this is impressive. There is, what’s being called a “Superstorm” in western Alaska right now, that for all essential purposes is like an arctic hurricane. The center of the storm has a pressure of 943 mbs or 27.85″ at it’s a beast. Creating winds of over hurricane force and storm surges of 5-8′ along the western coast of AK. Nome, especially is taking a pretty big hit from the storm as they’ve had to evacuate the low-lying areas of the small community. Remember that water is near freezing these days and they only have about 7 hours of daylight…losing some 6-10 minutes per day. here is a look at the storm from yesterday…

Here is the latest picture…it would be the swirl in the dividing area between AK and Russia in the op center of the picture…

Here is a small loop of the storm…

Here it is on the weather map…

Nome, as of this writing is reporting wind gusts over 50 MPH and rapidly falling pressure with snow and blowing snow…

The “surge” part of the storm for the Nome area is interesting as well…

The MSL line represents Mean Sea Level…notice that huge black spike for later this afternoon and tonight…there is a 3 hour difference I think between here and there…water is being reported now in the city of Nome, reaching some of the coastal houses there…one reason why this storm is a bigger issue there is a lack of protective sea ice along the coastline…this usually freezes near 12/1

Wave heights in the Bering Sea, where the storm is located have been in the neighborhood of 40 feet…all that water, like a hurricane is being pushed towards the coastline…hence the storm surge aspect of this…look at this map to see it graphically…

The storm is peaking out now and will gradually fade over the next 36 hours…


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