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  • Sid Fialho

    I’d must check with you here. Which isn’t something I usually do! I take pleasure in reading a publish that can make people think. Also, thanks for permitting me to remark!

  • Shanda davis

    Golden Valley Memorial Hospital in Clinton Missouri is nothing but Crooks they violate HIPAA repeatedly I do believe fully that they are committing insurance fraud and I do fully believe that they are also frotting their patients there constantly messing up on bills applying payments in correctly sending bills with the wrong amounts incorrectly billing the wrong patients for another patients Bill’s there practice is horrible

  • Marilyn Freeman

    I think that the fact that the schools will be closed on election day creates just ANOTHER obstacle for hard working parents who want to exercise their privilege by voting. This simply constitutes obstruction for people who have limited resources. “Lame”…Shame!

    • Contessa Mouton

      Been Here For 2 Months . I Been Living Here Without A Furnace No Hot Water No Air . I Have 2 Boil Water 2 Wash My Dishes . Me And My 5 Kids Have 2 Go 2 My Family House 2 Yake Baths . Something Has 2 B Done . I Have Mold N My Room . I Been Up 2 The Office Several Time Still Nothings Been Done . They Need to B Shut Down . Help Please !!

  • Deleoris Allen

    oil change 5/23/19 6/11/19 oil on ground in front off car checked oil on first mark added 1 quart oil i had went to dollar general 5 blocks away bought 4 quarts oil put 3 quarts in and stated back home to call cable dahmer and tow truck only got 3 1/2 blocks oil light came on and car died locked up next day cable said oil filter was loose and there was no oil in the engine that walmart was at fault and my extended warranty was no good. i have been calling faxing walmart corporate after i got a claim number. all i get is a answer machine its been 2 weeks and nothing. can you please help me i am 72 years old and have kidney cancer and heart trouble a bad knee i can hardly walk my knee gives out on me. i would appreciate it if you can help deleoris allen

  • Tony Highfill

    The tenant above me at Summit Apartments in Downtown Kansas City drilled through the fire sprinkler water supply, thus flooding my unit and the two units below me. This occurred on Sunday afternoon, and the effected tenants have been left to fend for themselves. The office is refusing to place us in hotels, they are not providing us with the faulty tenant’s insurance information to file a claim or to see if a hotel room would even be covered by their insurance, and their lack of customer service has been very frustrating. I can send pics and videos of the event and the current state of the apartment, which is very uninhabitable.

  • Walter Morris

    My Cousin Marshall Ashley has been beat inches from his life, by the Wyandotte County Police Dept. I do Understand that he ran and that they had to chase him. I just know for a fact that if this was on T.V. playing. That this would not have happened. Justice is needed. I do not want for the police Dept. To get away with this crime they committed. How can you protect and serve. Yet still beat, shoot, kill, harrass the human race. When such an inhumane thing was done. KCKPD I will pray. For you For me. For Us

  • Tracie Rice

    Good morning,

    My name is Tracie Rice and I’m a resident of the Blue Summit community we are in an unincorporated area of Jackson County and we are having issues with outrageous charges on our water bills for the sewer usage part.

    Let me give you a little background on us back in approximately 1980 Jackson County came in and installed sewers in the Blue Summit community, on February 20, 1997 they gave Kansas City Missouri the ownership to the sewer system Ordinance number 961627.
    We the community were never made aware of this or allowed to vote on it.

    Now moving forward 2019 almost 40 years later there has never been any service done to the sewer system in this area and we are being charged outrageous charges. We have independence water. But we are being charged by Kansas city water department for our sewage usage and also by independence water department. We are also being charged an unincorporated area rate which makes our sewer bills higher than Kansas City and Independence customers. We as a community feel that we are being charged unfairly and don’t understand why we are being charged like this and would like some help in finding out how and why they can do this. So we have decided as a community that it was time to go to the media with our concerns and bills to see what could be found out.

    Thank you for your time and consideration
    Tracie Rice
    Blue Summit Resident

  • Teresa

    My name is Teresa Boydston I’m asking for help in finding Doug Hicks a licensed electrician it took $4oo of my money I know work has been done 2 tell the city inspector what is impression of me is false I’ve not done drugs for repairs there’s no reason for them to board my house I’ll have a sleep out in the street when she dogs there’s no reason friend, water off that I paid the bill every month my toilet flushed I have water coming in for cooking and one of my pets but I still had my work turned off now he wants me to get a licensed plumbers well this man is making it very difficult for me be back at my home I don’t know what I could do about it

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