Firefighters Get Equipment to Save Man’s Best Friend

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LIBERTY, Mo. - The mission of Liberty firefighters is to help every single resident in their time of need and now thanks to some new equipment that mission extends to residents with four legs.

"We like to be progressive, so when we have the opportunity to better serve the residents of our community, we try to take advantage of that," said Liberty Assistant Fire Chief Larry Radley.

Radley just got a set of pet oxygen masks.  Like human masks, they will provide animals with the oxygen they need after a house fire, car accident or other medical emergency.

"Hopefully it will increase the outcome of owners and their pets that they can be reunited and continue to have meaningful life," said Radley.

The three masks donated to Liberty Fire Dept. are among the 2,000 Heart of America Invisible Fence has donated to fire stations in the Midwest.  They can be used to save cats, dogs, birds and even snakes.

"People, like myself, their animals are a part of the family," said Joseph Peterson with Heart of America Invisible Fence.  "So, if someone is injured, it helps them recover even quicker if their animal is saved."

Invisible Fence Brand has donated more than 10,000 pet masks across the US and Canada.  Now the company wants to do more by making sure that every Fire Station in the country has at least one life saving mask.

"They are definitely a priority in the family so to know their pets are being taken care of in an emergency situation, it's very comforting to them," said Dr. Lori Rohlfing with Veterinary Center of Liberty.

The fire department said the masks will also help save humans because sometimes pet owners will forgo treatment and even run inside a burning home to try to save a pet.
Liberty Fire hopes these masks will keep entire families together, be they people or man's best friend.

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