Irwin Attorney: ‘Jersey’ Bragged About Kidnapping Lisa

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

John Picerno and Megyn Kelly

FOX News reported Friday that according to Irwin family attorney John Picerno, the handy man known as “Jersey” bragged to someone that he was paid $300 to kidnap baby Lisa Irwin.

Picerno told FOX’s Megyn Kelly that an unidentified 17-year-old told them she overheard the conversation between John “Jersey” Tanko and an unknown person.  Picerno said police had been notified of this information, and that the attorneys were not sure of the credibility of the teen.

Picerno told FOX 4 that they found the unidentified teen “through their investigation.”

Early in the case, neighbors reported an unknown handyman in the area of the Irwin home in the days before Irwin disappeared.

Lisa Irwin was last seen in her crib on the evening of October 3rd. Her father reported her missing to police early the following morning.

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  • jessica

    maybe it’s true. to me all the evedence points to him.1 he was working in the aria.2 baby Lisa Irwin is missing that same night.3 his “girlfriend” gets a call from the cell phone that was stolen from baby Lisa’s home ….. perhaps a it’s done call??????!!!!!!!!!……….!

  • Linda Cooprider

    I am wondering what is being done about this. They could find the girl if the police quit making excuses for Jersey. If he gave an alaby it was from one of his druggy friends. Good grief, what is wrong with these people who are suposed to be finding this child. Mama gets drunk, probably left the front door open herself, he comes in, takes the child and takes all of the cell phones in case mama wakes up., she can’t call 911 without phones which helps him get away on foot, he takes the pajama’s off of the baby, burns them in the dumpster, 3 eye witnesses sees him walking in 3 different places. Lets face it, Jersey is poor, he doesn’t have a car, so he walks around town. He makes a call to Meagon Wright, and probably meets the person somewhere in town there with the baby and sells her to them. All for drugs!

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