Obama Speech Draws Approval at Osawatomie Diner

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OSAWATOMIE, Kan. -- People who weren't able to get a ticket to see President Barack Obama on Monday found a place to watch his speech on television, and while many say that they were pleased with what he had to say, they wish that he had some more concrete solutions to the nation's economic ills.

Tailgators in Osawatomie became a popular hangout on Tuesday as people gathered to eat the special of the day - biscuits and gravy - and hear Obama's speech at Osawatomie High School on strengthening the nation's middle class.

Obama: American Middle Class in Peril

"I think his focus on strengthening the middle class is dead on and I think history proves that," said Katie Prigel Sharp of Lee's Summit.

Many of Obama's points struck a chord with those gathered at Tailgators on Tuesday, even drawing some applause - particularly when he took aim at big banks, saying that lenders that took taxpayer bailouts should repair what he called a "deficit of trust."

"He's got it summed up, I think his speech writers got it figured out what's caused all this, all this excess credit, getting too many home loans you can't afford, and the bankers just tickled to death to make the loans should've known that people couldn't afford them," said Osawatomie resident Ed Prigle.

Another Obama statement that resonated with many at Tailgators was the observation that the typical CEO now earns 110 times more than their employees.

"He really pulled back the curtain to let all Americans see actually what caused this problem that we're in," said John Cain of Topeka.

Pictures: Obama Arrives in KC

But while there was agreement on the cause of the country's economic problems, for some at Tailgators say that the President lacked solutions to the problems.

"I'm not hearing a whole lot of solutions, I'm not. I think it's hard to get a lot of concrete solutions in a 45 hour long speech because the problem is so complex," said Katie Prigel.

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