That’s Just Perfect

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If I would’ve called DH this AM, those would’ve been the 1st few words of our conversation today.

The snow flurries or patches of light snow, while not surprising here, have amounted to just a bit more than a dusting. As a result, roads, especially from the I-70 corridor southwards, in some cases have gotten slick and there have been some accidents, on the off ramps etc. The accumulations, which I thought would be about a county south of here, ended up expanding about a county or so farther northwards and that one is on me I guess. The dry air that was keeping the snow from reaching the ground, eventually got overcome by the lifting of the weak wave that was moving across the region.

We talk about it every year, but it is amazing what such a light coating of snow can do to the roads. At around 4AM, everything was fine, then between then and about 7AM is when the snow hit. That timing, so close to rush hour, never works out too well.

If the temperature was closer to freezing, everything would’ve probably melted on the roads, but with temperatures in the 20° range, it was a different story. Road crews could only do so much in such a short period of time, and between all the cars on the road it was a recipe for at least some accidents.

Here is a snapshot of the radar from just after 8 this morning…the snow is already breaking up quickly in the metro, but it’s still coming down rather nicely in areas south and east of the metro.

There are some small breaks in the clouds as well, and I’m seeing some sunshine as I type this out, and that should help out the roads tremendously in the next couple hours.

I’ll try and update things again this afternoon, I’m off today so I’ve got a few things to catch up on and I need to breath at bit.

Again here is a link to my tribute (if you will a eulogy I guess) to my good friend.


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