Demand for Bowl Tix Shutting Out KSU Students

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas State Wildcats are headed the Cotton Bowl to take on the Arkansas Razorbacks on January 6th. But the laws of supply and demand may mean that for many K-State fans, the only way they'll get see the game is on television.

Gary Davidson, president of the Catbackers alumni group, says that demand for the 88,000 tickets being sold for this year's game is through the roof.

"I've heard of thousands of people trying to get tickets already," said Davidson, who says that as a long-time season ticket holder he was able to get tickets through the school. But K-State only had 2,500 tickets set aside for students - leaving many to try their luck online.

K-State freshman Brandon Keller is one of those students looking for tickets, and he says that he was cheated by an online ticket broker who more than doubled the price of the tickets after he already purchased them.

"I just felt like I was cheated," said Keller, who says that he purchased four tickets to the game from for $125 a piece. According to the confirmation order, the final price was $615 - including an additional $115 for "shipping and handling."

"The very next day Razorgator called me back saying they had double booked the ticket and that they would replace my ticket at a different cost of $280 (per ticket)," said Keller, who says that wasn't fair. "Because on their website it clearly states they have a 100 percent guarantee saying that they'd offer tickets for the same price."

When Keller complained to Razorgator, he was told, in essence, tough luck. Demand for the tickets had gone up, so if he wanted tickets he'd have to pay the new price - one that Keller says he refuses to pay.

"We may just go down there for the events for the week beforehand but just watch the game on a TV down there in a hotel room," said Keller. "Just because $280 is too much for a college student."

Davidson says that stories like Keller's aren't right.

"Pricing change like that, it's just not, just not right," said Davidson. contacted FOX 4 and said that in Keller's case, they were just following "standard procedure," but after talking to FOX 4 they said that they would "make things right" with Keller.

FOX 4 will let you know if they do.

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