Watching Our Next Snow and a Bet

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

This conversation took place about a year ago at the Royals Fanfest. DH and I were visiting with some folks and when we were done we were walking around and came to the Radar/Pitching area. The idea was that you would throw a few balls and the radar gun would calculate the speed of your pitches. I challenged DH to see who could pitch a ball the fastest.

Joe: I’ll beat you

Don: You don’t stand a chance

Joe: Bet

DH: Yup (bet made)

Joe Throws 3 pitches and DH throws three pitches. I smoke him easily.

Joe: You really throw like a girl you know. (He really did)

DH No I don”t.

Joe: You do in a big kind of way. (I was gloating and feeling good about myself)

DH: At least I have hair

Joe: (pause)…You win.

Today we had a station remembrance to talk about our friend and again we laughed and again the tears flowed. Another baby step taken. The station is now in the process of putting together a more public ceremony so that you’ll have the opportunity to remember Don as well. Details will be on the morning show in terms of timing and location.

Meanwhile as we move into the world of weather, we’ve actually made a nice run to 40 degrees this afternoon. That as I watch our next potential snow maker aim towards the central plains states. The system in question now is located up towards W Canada and will be dropping into the upper midwest tomorrow and then zipping down towards IA tomorrow night. This should create a large area of very light snow in the region. At this point a combination of dry air and the location of the wave, both do not favor a lot of snow. but considering the chilliness of the air and the fact that snow ratios should be decent may allow anywhere from a dusting to on the high side 1″ of snow to fall. The timing appears to be later tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night.. The window should start closing by early Friday morning. With that timing we should be good for tomorrow evening’s rush hour and also Friday mornings rush as well. should things speed up, at the onset of the precipitation, we’ll probably see some light rain. A cold front will sweep through the area as we head towards tomorrow night. This will usher in colder air on Friday that will quickly start to moderate on Saturday. Take a look at the temperatures @ 5K feet, this is a nice way to see how the various airmasses move across the country. The panels represent the time of the information. 00Z THU actually means 6PM WED and 12Z means 6AM of the day on the map. I know…it’s weird.

Here is the next 48 hours…


You can see those colder colors, in the blues and purples shifting in then quickly out over the weekend. Over the weekend, it appears that the best warming aloft will take place north of year (especially SAT). If things work out we can still make a run towards 50 on Sunday..

The next period of time to watch, for any more significant storm appears to be sometime NEXT weekend.



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