Next Snow Chance on Schedule (3PM)

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Good morning…Who has had the LEAST amount of snow this year…Buffalo, NY…Memphis, TN, or Little Rock, AR? The answer is at the bottom of the blog!

I’ll be updating the blog again later this AM with our latest Microcast model so you have a clearer idea what the region can expect in terms of snowfall. Overall however my thoughts haven’t changed since yesterday in that while we’re still expecting snow to fall and the timing appears to be on track between around rush hour to about midnight or so, the overall rates of snowfall should be mostly light and the amounts not heavy.

++++++3PM Update++++++

An area of snow continues in Nebraska and is now crossing the MO River into Iowa. For the most part this activity is moving mostly east with some southeastwards drift. Amounts have ranged from a dusting to 2-3″ on the high side. This continues to look like a very minor if not non-event to me for the Metro. While there may be accumulating snow in the area mentioned earlier, up in N MO, it’s tough to imagine anything of substance here, especially south of the I-70 corridor. From the US 50 corridor through the south side of JOCO and southwards, there may be few if any flakes at all. From the sound of things, the road crews have been very proactive with the potential for tonight and the roads should be OK through the metro. I have some minor thoughts about some of the northside bridges/overpasses depending on melting an freezing on exposed surfaces later tonight. Here is the latest surface map…

For the time being I’ll keep that dusting going from the metro north to KCI, but that could be a push. MT will update you @ 5PM.

11AM Update+++++++


Temperatures today should warm up to the mid-upper 30s, so whatever snow falls in the late PM will melt on contact with the pavement. It would be after 6PM I think that we’ll need to start watching the roads a bit more, especially the bridges and overpasses.. We’ll actually have quite a bit of sunshine for awhile this AM, then see the clouds lower and thicken in the PM and eventually as the rising air from the disturbance passing to the north of here moves in, snow will start to fall.

The disturbance in question is is moving through the northern part of the country now…and you can see the effects on the latest satellite pictures…

An expanding area of clouds is developing and sliding our way as I type this blog through the central and western plains. Light snow is now starting to fall between Rapid City, SD and Valentine, NE. This area of snow will expand this AM and spread south and eastwards towards our region. NW MO/SE NE should get into the snow about 3 hours before the metro. Considering the colder air aloft, we’re looking at a more powdery type snow, sort of like Tuesday Morning that will accumulate rather quickly.

At this point I’m still expecting anywhere from a dusting to close to 1″ or so, with .5″ seeming to be the sweet spot for the metro. Farther northwards, closer to the 36 Highway corridor and up towards the IA birder, amounts may be closer to 2″. While the snow won’t last that long, the rates of snowfall might be a bit heavier as you travel northwards.

Obviously we’ll need to watch for a southern drift to this potential and it is possible that should that occur, the north side of the metro might be able to do a bit better than the southside of KC. again I’llpost an updated Microcast model for you before lunch today.

Also there may be some additional flurries or light snow patches tomorrow afternoon as well as the colder air aloft moves through the region…that would tend to be more “showery.”

Finally the answer to the question at the top of the blog. The city with the LEAST amount of snow to far this year…is Buffalo, NY with a whooping .4″, compared to Memphis with 1.4″ and Little Rock with 1.6″. That may change though later tonight and tomorrow as a Lake Effect Snow Watch is in effect for much of that area. There is even the potential of some thunder snows up there before the weekend starts.

Have a great morning, if you haven’t read yet my tribute to DH here is the link again for you…thanks again for reading it, and for many of you commenting on it as well. I’m glad it struck a chord with so many of you!


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