Hot Laptops for the Holidays

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I caught up with Merlin Kister from Intel and we’re taking a look at some  of the hot holiday products. Laptops are always a good gift for people  and we’ve got some new and interesting ones.

If  you’re looking for a laptop this holiday season, thin is in. A new type  of PC, the Ultrabook is substituting bulky laptops with a fresh, slim  alternative and there’s a new portable PC that’s powered by the sun.   Also, I found a brand new laptop that also functions as a tablet and is  made just for kids.

First  up, is the Asus Eee PC. Merlin explained,  “It’s a new netbook.These are  great for mobility, have a really small form factor, and are powered by  an Intel processor. A great thing about this computer it that it is  affordable, starting at $199. It’s a really great “stocking stuffer” for  the holidays.”

Intel  is also pushing the Classmate PC. It looks like a tablet. It’s  completely ruggedized and designed for students, kindergarten through  eighth grade. You can use it as a tablet with a stylus and write on it.  It comes with a carrying handle. But what’s really great about this one  is it transforms into a full PC. So if you turn the monitor around,  there is a full keyboard. It’s also spill resistant. This PC is perfect  for kids.

Also,  there’s a new solar laptop from Samsung. It’s the world’s first solar  powered netbook. You get about 14 hours of battery life, but if you run  out of power, it runs with the sun! For every two hours of charge, you  get one hour of additional productivity. It’s very eco-friendly as well!

Last  up are the Intel Ultrabooks. This is a new term that refers to as a  really thin, light, portable computer. Ultrabooks are a brand new  computer category. They have a high powered processor, so you get full  PC performance in a small package. The PC goes to sleep in about two  seconds and it boots up in about seven seconds.

Now,  it looks like you no longer have to sacrifice power for portability. If  you want to learn more about any of the products we talked about here,  go to!
Asus Eee PC
Classmate PC
Intel Ultrabook|ultrabook_us_ultra|jb102AC|s#utm_source=google&utm_campaign=cim:ggl|ultrabook_us_ultra|jb102ac|s&utm_medium=cpc

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