Control Your Toys With a Touch Screen

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Americans spent almost 22 billion dollars on toys last year, and high tech toys are a growing part of that. We showed up at a local elementary school and brought along a few App Enabled Toys that turn your iPhones and iPads into much more.
These  kids thought they were in for an ordinary school day, but boy were they wrong! First up, we let them get their hands on Disney’s Spotlight Karaoke. It makes your iPad something to sing about! The toy is $60 for the wired set and $100 to go wireless.

Also  from Disney is Cars 2 Appmates. The special sensors on the cars let you  drive through the storyline right on your iPad. Don’t worry, they won’t ruin your screen;  for $20 you get a two car set.

When  you’re ready to race in real life, grab your iOS device and use it as a  bluetooth controller to get behind the wheel of the Silverlit  Interactive Enzo Ferrari. They’re almost too fast for their own good!

These  kids don’t remember Atari, but we do! Attach the $60 Atari Arcade to  your iPad and forget about quarters. You can play all of your childhood  favorites like Asteroids and Centipede until your thumbs hurt. This kid  loved Missile Command.

Finally,  our crowd favorite, the Hee-Lo TC RC Helicopter from Griffin. Snap the  control deck onto your iPhone and you’re the pilot. Record your flight  plan and the device flies by itself. Crashing the toy copter is ok, the device is incredibly durable, dropping the iPad however? That's a different story.

Check out all the app enabled toys I mentioned here:

Disney's Spotlight Karaoke

Disney Cars 2 Appmates

Silverlit Interactive Enzo Ferrari
Hee-Lo TC RC Helicopter

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