Screening Room DVD: Final Destination 5

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Here’s what’s available on DVD or for digital download on Tuesday, December 27th.

RUSS: Believe it or not, “Final Destination 5” is a very entertaining horror entry that employs some of the most creative and amusing use of 3-D yet attempted. Naturally, that effect will be lost on home video unless you’ve invested in one of those expensive 3-D TVs.

SHAWN: Excellent point. Great use of 3-D technology. Now I’m a huge fan of the “Final Destination” series, but the last couple have been sort of off track. I was pleasantly surprised by “Final Destination 5.” No, these movies aren’t Oscar contenders, but they are certainly quite entertaining.

RUSS: The filmmakers employ some imaginative, Rube Goldberg-like contrivances as Death seeks out some people he feels have cheated him out of his compliment of souls.
SHAWN: In terms of story and tone, “Final Destination 5” feels a lot more like the first. It’s a tad darker and a little more complex but it’s a fun watch even though you pretty much know what to expect.
RUSS: Granted, there’s something ethically troubling about watching a series of gruesome deaths, but if you’re looking for a guilty pleasure, then “Final Destination 5” fills the bill.

SHAWN: True, but fans will be thrilled. It’s perfectly executed for them. The only extra material on the DVD release will be a ‘Circle of Death,’ your “Final Destination” feature. The Blu-ray/DVD combo release will include that, plus alternative death scenes and two visual effects of death sequences, the collapsing bridge and airplane crash.

RUSS: 3 out of 5 Popcorn Bags; Shawn: 3 out of 5 Popcorn Bags.

Hollywood must think that nothing says ‘happy holidays’ like some grisly horror movies, so here are some additional titles available on Tuesday:
THE AMITYVILLE HAUNTING, yet another entry in the long line of haunted house flicks.
APOLLO 18, a sci-fi horror flick
HOSTEL: PART III, another example of torture porn
THE HUNTERS, a ghost story.

New TV on DVD (and equally horrifying)…

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