Decision to Donate Blood Saves Man’s Life

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

People donate blood all the time. Everyone who donates has their blood tested.

Bill Coffman wrote a letter to the editor in Monday's Kansas City Star. He found out his hear was operating at  30 percent. His doctor started him on medication and then he had a pacemaker put in. The only reason he found out about his heart is because he donated blood. Coffman's cholesterol report from the CBC was off the charts. They urged him to see his doctor. He says he's still alive because he did.

"Every time someone donates, there's a mini-physical so we do blood pressure recordings, plus rate and cholesterol," said Dr. Jay Menitove with the Community Blood Center.

Coffman ended his letter with a plea to donate blood. As the saying goes, the life you save may be your own.

"Usually we want to keep donors names confidential, but when a donor comes out and puts a nice letter to editor in newspaper, we find it very gratifying," Dr. Menitove said. "We're glad the donor has wanted to help others, certainly happy donor has done well health wise for himself."

Woodyne Mann was happy for the man, too. She's a regular at the Community Blood Center. She donates every other monty and has for 40 years. She has made 160 donations. She says her reasoning is simple.

"You touch lives, you have no idea who you're touching," blood donor Woodyne Mann said.

She appreciates the health check each time she comes in. She even joked that she get better physical care at the blood center than from her own doctor. Mann says she's glad the CBC looks out for its donors. The blood center says they're happy to help donors who are helping others.

"Our logo is 'Save a Life, Right Here Right Now,'" said Dr. Menitove. "Usually it's the life of a patient who needs the blood. Every once in a while we help a donor and helped him big time."

The Community Blood Center is thankful for Mr. Coffman's ringing endorsement. People don't donate as often in the winter even though there is still a high demand. The center asks if people to stop by and make a donation if they have a few minutes to spare.

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