More Legal Drama Exposed in Deadly Love Triangle

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GLADSTONE, Mo. -- A deadly love triangle gets even more bizarre. An attorney gets power of attorney over the dead woman's estate, but some neighbors hope not for long.

Several people in a Gladstone neighborhood wonder what will happen to Irina Puscariu's mother.  Puscariu was shot and killed on January 13.
Court records show Shannon O'Roarke-Griffin of Granbury, Texas drove to Puscariu's home in the 600 block of White Oak Lane and shot the psychiatrist three times.
Police say that O'Roarke-Griffin shot Puscariu after her husband told her that he would not break off the affair with the psychiatrist.

On Monday afternoon, O'Roark Griffin appeared before a judge via video from the Clay County County Jail. FOX 4 has learned a new legal battle could be brewing as part of this case. Court documents have been filed concerning Puscariu's estate. Charles Frahm, a lawyer and long-time Puscariu family friend is handling the estate since the victim's Romanian mother doesn't speak English.

According to the court clerk, a motion filed on Monday asks the county to take over the victim's estate. Frahm tells FOX 4: 'All we're interested in is preserving the sanctity of the mourning process of the Puscariu family. Other than that we have no comment.'

The suspect's husband, Air Force Colonel Roscoe Griffin was in court on Monday but didn't want to talk to FOX 4. More information should be released on Tuesday, January 24.

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