The “Winter That Isn’t” Rises Again

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

So how do I start this blog off, because what I’m going to write, I’ve written before. Many times before and odds are it will put a smile on your face as we head through the next 5 days with nothing but mild temperatures heading this way, and yes for at least a day or two, you’ll need your shorts again because we’re going to finish the month with temperatures well above average around the region with our next decent cold front perhaps due in sometime on Thursday.

How about this little tidbit that I just came up with, and that I’ll be posting on our twitter feed @fox4wx Since DEC 1st 68% of our days in KC have been above average. Going back even farther, since NOV 1st 64% of our days have been above average. I’ll probably try and come up with some graphic for the news about that tonight.

How did we fare last year…well from NOV-JAN we had 40% of the days with above average temperatures and DEC-JAN was even worse with only 32% of the days with above average temperatures. DEC-JAN last season had 65% of the days with below average temperatures. I think we could comfortably say that this season is a 180° flip from last season, not only snowfall wise but also temperature wise as well.

Compared to average, so far this season our warmest day was DEC 14th as temperatures were 22° above average for the day. Next was JAN 16th with temperatures 21° above average for the day. On the opposite side DEC 6th was the coldest day relative to average (-12°) with several others 10° below average.

So what’s ahead. Well more warm air, especially Monday. Here is a look at the temperatures on Monday afternoon @ 5K feet. This shows that the warm air, noted by the yellow coloring is again streaming through the Plains states.


Our temperatures at that level are around a +9°C or about 48°F. With the winds forecasted to be at close to 20-30MPH in gusts we should mix out rather nicely. Perhaps not as efficient as what we’ve seen so far this winter season, where winds have gusted to 45-50MPH in these scenarios, but regardless we should fall somewhere in the afternoon in the 62-67° range I think. The record high is 68° set back in 1890. We should fall just a few degrees short I think.

We should stay on the mild side through at least WED and maybe even THU as well before somewhat cooler weather moves in heading towards next weekend. The models have been rather bizarre with what they do after that so I won’t bother to get into what happens after that.

That’s it for today. Enjoy the beautiful weather!


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